Health: Women made aware of breast cancer

Led by Professor Judith Nsondé, Pnlcc coordinator and oncologist at the Brazzaville Hospital and University Center, the initiative tackled the issue “Knowledge can save lives” The aim was to educate these young women about the dangers of this disease, its causes and the factors that favor it.

In his statement, Professor Judith Nsondé pointed out that breast cancer is an abnormal and anarchic growth of cells in the mammary gland. It can be recognized by the appearance of a lump in the breast, which can be accompanied by hard lumps in the armpit, as well as skin changes on the breast and nipple. In fact, the breast can gradually deform and ulcerate, sometimes resulting in nipple discharge on only one side. This tumor is one of the most common among women in Brazzaville. Several risk factors are the cause, in particular multiple births, age of first pregnancy after 30 years; History of minor illnesses, women who have never breastfed, alcoholism and consumption of animal fats.

Cervical cancer is a malignant growth of cervical cells. It is manifested by insidious and poorly treated genital infections, foul-smelling genital discharge sometimes with blood, low back pain, onset of the first period before the age of 12…

During this event, the participants became more and more impregnated with these serious tumors and came out of ignorance to avoid them. As part of breast cancer prevention, Prof. Judith Nsondé invited women to have their breasts examined at least once a month. This makes it possible to detect the disease early and treat it quickly. For the cervix, women need to be regularly examined, screened, vaccinated against the HPV virus, avoid sex with multiple partners and at a young age.

“During this awareness raising, we found that most women do not know what breast and cervical cancer are, even though these are the first two cancers that kill women in Congo. In fact, more than 1000 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in Congo in 2020, of which, unfortunately, 800 succumbed to the disease. Women should therefore be aware of these tumors. These two days of edification were very educational for the beneficiaries because we discussed the signs of the disease, the means of prevention and the various treatments.” said Professor Judith Nsondé.

To prevent women from discovering these diseases too late, she urged health workers to be extra vigilant when screening women. She also recommended Get women tested early . “There are specialized centers where cancer is treated, so there is no point in wasting the time of health workers and the sick, but referring them to the appropriate centers for follow-up care in case of discovery. of the disease”, she notifies.

For her part, the President of the said Foundation, Lydie Léonce Ndongo, welcomed this activity and recalled the mission entrusted by her Foundation, namely to raise public awareness of all types of cancer. ” I am satisfied with the organization of this first action of our foundation. What impressed me the most was the fact that Professor Nsondé spoke in the local language, which was very good and allowed to reach a wider audience. We won’t stop here, we will continue to raise parental awareness of these cancers to help save more lives.” she said.

At the end of this awareness campaign, the Tabita Joy Foundation provided the integrated health centers of Mboualé and Kibina with work packages for adequate monitoring of women.

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