Steiner: “Gene Haas never lost interest”

The Haas F1 Team is back on the front lines in this 2022 Formula 1 season: Kevin Magnussen has finished in the top 10 three times in the first five Grands Prix of the season, be it in qualifying or in the race, notably fourth at Imola and fifth in Imola the finish in Bahrain.

These are unprecedented results for Haas, who spent the 2020 and 2021 seasons at the bottom of the grid as there were almost no developments regarding the new technical regulations: the team had not reached such heights since its most successful season , in the year 2018 when they finished fifth in the Championship with 93 points (although they would have finished sixth had Force India/Racing Point not lost their tally in the first half of the season).

Given this lean period, it’s logical to wonder if the stable’s owner, Gene Haas, had second thoughts about wanting to continue the adventure. In an interview with GP Racing, team manager Günther Steiner assures us that this is not the case.

“No, he was always interested”replies Steiner. “He didn’t like the results, but I told him why they were. And he said, ‘You didn’t lie to me. Now we are back. He never lost interest. He’s just a member of the team, with the advantage of owning it – or the disadvantage, as you prefer – and he’s obviously happy about our good results, but he’s always been behind the team otherwise he would have quit or sold it People who wanted to buy the team.”

That has the merit of being clarified by a Steiner who, while unnerved by the incessant questions about a potential takeover of the team, has maintained a coherent discourse for the past few years: No, the team isn’t for sale…though it’s in could be twenty years or more, but who knows if we’re still here to talk about it!

Press briefings have not necessarily always been as comfortable as usual for Steiner during this period and at heart the Italian questioned his involvement in Formula One as Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin spent their time at the end of the 2021 season.

“It’s always hard to digest”he comments on the lack of results. “We know we won’t be going home happy on Sunday night. When we’re sitting back on the plane, especially when the flight is long, it’s quite exhausting because we’re like, ‘But why am I doing this?’ , Do you see?”

There was euphoria over Kevin Magnussen’s fifth place finish in Bahrain

“If this year had been as bad as the previous one, I think I would have gotten this far. [à envisager de quitter Haas F1, ndlr]. I wouldn’t say there’s an easier way to make a living, but there’s a way to make your living happier without being embarrassed.”

Above all, Steiner had the delicate task of keeping up the morale of the troops when the results were not in. “I’m just a member of the team”underlines the transalpine. “Imagine those who have to stay at the circuit to dismantle the cars to prepare for the next race and know that it doesn’t get any better? I think they have more merit than me because I am Leaving Sunday night The only reason they do it – obviously to make a living, but if not what is it?It’s because you want an outcome to be successful.

“These people are talented enough to get another job where they have less work and can make as much money without having to run 23 errands a year from their families for all that effort. These people have the same passion as me: if you do it It’s just for the money, you don’t do it for long because the work is just too intense. I think we could all make a better living doing something different. That is why the result and success are important to us.”

“My explanation was: We finished fifth [en 2018], so why can’t we do it again? You know, we didn’t do it by accident. I think we did a great job in 2018 and we did a good job in 2017 and 2016 as a new team. We knew exactly why we backed out in 2019. We had the car which wasn’t good. If we don’t do any development in 2020, where do we expect to be? It’s logic. And even worse in 2021. We didn’t do anything and had two rookies. I had to explain this to people hoping they would believe it. Not in me, but in them.”

Haas is now fighting for fifth place in the championship, with 15 points on the clock against 16 for AlphaTauri, 26 for Alpine and 31 for Alfa Romeo, but if the team hopes to reach that level Mick Schumacher needs to step up his game level and create it into the top 10 of the race. The young German, who finished eleventh in Bahrain, is still waiting for his first point in the elite.

Interview by Oleg Karpov

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