“These seconds of waiting felt like an eternity” Marius Robyr, Managing Director of Crans-Montana 2027

Between explosions of joy, improvised dancing and tears of emotion, Marius literally let Robyr go as soon as the result was announced. For the President of the Organizing Committee of the World Cup races, managing director of the World Championship candidacy, it is the culmination of the work done fourteen years previously.

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Marius Robyr, how did you feel when Johan mentioned Eliasch Crans-Montana?

I was so afraid we would still miss the worlds… This is a file that has kept us busy for five years. Those seconds of waiting for the winner to be announced seemed like an eternity. Now I am particularly happy for the young people of Valais, who deserve to experience in 2027 what we experienced ourselves 35 years ago in Crans-Montana.

A few moments before the verdict is announced, the tension among organizers and politicians in Crans-Montana can be felt. © Heloise Maret

You were clearly beaten by Saalbach in 2020. What made the difference this time?

Honestly, to do it again, I don’t see what we should have changed. This file had no vulnerability. It was important not to make the slightest mistake because the hiccups mark the mood.

“When we started from scratch in 2008, I set myself three goals. You are now reached.”

On Wednesday, the population was not directly associated with this victory. But a public party is already planned…

June 19, indeed. I don’t know the details of that day yet.

19 June is also the day on which thousands of people from Valais mourned the failure of the 2006 Olympic Games on La Planta in 1999.

I hadn’t established the connection. No, it’s just coincidence. If June 19 was synonymous with failure, it is now associated with the Crans-Montana victory. I don’t want to talk about revenge. On the other hand, I have always been convinced that Valais is an ideal place to organize world championships in all disciplines. Don’t hesitate to try it.

Let’s go back fourteen years when you relaunched the organization of World Cup races in Crans-Montana…

That was actually in 2008. I then set myself three goals. First we had to find our place on the World Cup calendar. Crans-Montana should become a classic again. Then we had to improve the slopes. Finally, the station had to apply to organize the World Cup. These three goals have now been achieved.

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“The Arrivals Stadium is no longer a project. It is mandatory.”

This achievement is also yours on a personal level, isn’t it?

I can’t hide my joy, because in 2008 we almost started from scratch. We didn’t even have any equipment. But I have a remarkable team around me. The World Cup is a hundred people’s business. I can call her any time of the night. This solidarity is absolutely brilliant. Behind us came the political authorities. It is this enthusiasm that has allowed us to move forward and believe in it. When the whole station is behind a project, it’s much easier.

The champagne was chilled. Marius Robyr wasted no time popping the corks. © Heloise Maret

The World Championships will not only benefit Crans-Montana…

Of course not. The neighboring stations are connected to his organization, especially for training. Our ski area will not be completely closed. The athletes will therefore ski on other slopes before taking part in the Crans-Montana races. The worlds are the business of an entire region, of the entire Valais.

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What’s your priority now?

Celebrate for the first time. Then digest this success. Very soon we will all have to sit down at one table to set up an organizing committee. Five years will pass very quickly. There is still a lot to be done in terms of infrastructure. I am thinking in particular of the arrival phase.

In fact, his investigation must be very quick…

Indispensable again this year. We set up the turbo for the application. We must now move this dossier forward very quickly. This multifunctional stadium is no longer a project. It is mandatory. I can’t imagine the worlds in the current configuration. It’s unimaginable. In any case, this 20,000-seat stadium will not only be used for the World Cup. It is flexible for other events.

“My future? My wife will decide…”

Are you afraid of possible resistance that could delay construction?

Necessary. We are aware that they can cause delays to the point of being out of time. So we have to act very quickly, take the lead and discuss with potential opponents. I am confident. For example, I’ve never had a problem meeting environmentalists. Above all, they should not be presented with a fait accompli.

Organizers and politicians can let their joy run free. The World Cup is an opportunity for Valais. © Heloise Maret

The operating budget is between 60 and 80 million. It’s enormous…

Certainly, but if it works well, it leaves us with a nice profit that is used to improve infrastructure. The entire station benefits from this.

For fourteen years you have played an essential role, both in the organization of the World Championships and at the candidacy level. What position will you take on the Organizing Committee of the World Cup?

I do not know. I can’t appear anymore. I achieved the three goals I set myself. I didn’t think further. The only thing that is certain is that Swiss-Ski will be heavily involved.

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you have a wish

I will discuss this with the politicians. I’m of a certain age now (note: Marius Robyr is 74 years old). My future? My wife decides…

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