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Not content with landing on convertibles and 13 inches, Samsung is also attacking 15.6 inches with the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro. It’s right ?

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YesSamsung. The electronics and home appliance giant had been in IT for a very long time before taking a small step backwards with the industry crash. Momentum for a new leap forward? The Galaxy Book range is certainly trying, and here we have the third element of the triptych. The 15.6-inch diagonal isn’t necessarily the most hotly contested battlefield in the world, which is what sets the Galaxy Book 2 Pro apart. in good ?

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro (2022)Technical worksheet

model Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro (2022)
screen size

13.3 inch, 15.6 inch


1920×1080 pixels

display technology


touch screen


Processor (CPU)


Graphics chip (GPU)

Intel Iris Xe

Random Access Memory (RAM)

8GB, 16GB

Internal memory

512GB, 1024GB

Wi-Fi standard

WiFi 6E

Bluetooth version


operating system (OS)

Microsoft Windows 11


304.4 x 11.2 x 199.8mm


868 grams



product sheet

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro (2022)design

Ultrabooks have continued to improve in recent years. One might therefore doubt Samsung’s ability to be up to date. But let’s not forget that thanks to the smartphone and tablet markets, it has not lost its importance for a long time. The 15.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro lets us forget the giants of bygone times. Rather, we’re dealing with an incredibly compact machine that’s only 1.17 cm thick and weighs just 1.11 kg.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro (3)
Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

It’s simple: its main competitor is none other than the LG Gram 16, with which it shares many features. Starting with this extremely sober design, all black and light alloy with rounded corners. The surfaces are simply exemplary, and when you pick up the device, it’s always surprising that you don’t notice its size. It’s perhaps on the side of the screen’s edges, and particularly the bottom edge, that we’re entitled to expect better from Samsung, but that fades over time and is less embarrassing as a potential improvement in the future.

keyboard and touchpad

Here we find a full-size chiclet keyboard that has everything expected from an AZERTY keyboard, including a function bar, but with keys that are a bit thinner than the whole. The presence of a real, full-size Enter key is a delight knowing that many competitors split it in two, American-style.

On the right side, which requires a 15.6-inch PC, we also find a number pad. However, it offers keys that are narrower than the rest of the keyboard, which will take some time to adjust before it’s comfortable to use. Above, the ignition key doubles as a fingerprint reader to ensure device security thanks to Windows Hello.

This keyboard is half-hearted. On the one hand, it is very responsive and jumps up easily with every hit, with the short suspension travel that is usual for a chiclet. On the other hand, for my taste it lacks a bit of resistance to ensure the precision of my shot. But that’s exactly it: a matter of taste. Fortunately, the large glass touchpad with a flawless glide will all agree.


On the left is a full-size HDMI port, a USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 port, and a Thunderbolt 4 port. On the right is the combo jack, a USB-A 3.2 port and a microSD card reader. Given these relatively limited connectivity options for a 15.6-inch form factor, it’s hard not to wonder why the two USB-C ports on the left aren’t both Thunderbolt 4 compatible, or why the SD port isn’t is full size.

Here we have a helpful link, but not necessarily optimized. The sacrifice isn’t uncommon given that many manufacturers are able to produce devices with such a thin format, but Samsung doesn’t seem to have thought of optimizing its machine either, being content to keep classic options.

webcam and sound

The same applies to the built-in loudspeakers developed by AKG. So yes, Dolby Atmos is there, but the physical configuration places it back under the machine for a rendering that tries to convince. Don’t think you’ll respect the efforts of the musicians you listen to, but that’s enough for YouTube videos.

The 1080p camera is there too… well. Like everyone else. And the software improvements offered by Samsung have no other effect than playing a game of hide and seek. Avoid as much as possible false bokeh, which is of deplorable quality, but face smoothing and light compensation are noticeable for video.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro (2022)Screen

Impossible not to wait for Samsung when you turn on your disks. The Korean manufacturer is the all-category champion of this market and has to prove it on each of its devices. The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro has a 15.6-inch AMOLED screen with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), with a 16:9 ratio and a refresh rate of 60 Hz The last part is a small disappointment pointing out the tip of the nose, other competitors like Asus offer at least 90 Hz.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro (9)
Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

During our investigation, we observe what we have come to expect from Samsung, namely excellent coverage of the important market spectrums: 163% for sRGB, 109.6% for DCI-P3 and 74% for Adore RGB. In auto mode, which essentially corresponds to DCI-P3 mode, an average Delta E2000 of 3.23 results for very realistic colors. We also note a color temperature of 6800K, which is close to the video standard’s 6500K target.

The only disappointment is the maximum brightness, measured at 408 cd/m². That’s enough for the computer to be readable in direct sunlight, but not enough to be comfortable to read. The screen’s matte finish helps in that sense, but we would have liked 100 to 200 nits more so we never had to fight the sun’s rays.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro (2022)software

Windows 11 of course. However, Samsung doesn’t leave the system unattended and has developed its own universe of utilities and tweaks based on Microsoft’s operating system. The two companies are already making friends in the world of smartphones, so there’s nothing surprising about that. There are a few apps like Notes or Bixby (yes, you read that right: Bixby), as well as a deeper connection to Galaxy devices in the form of a mirror mode.


First of all, we will pay attention to specific parameters for Samsung devices that use the same interface … as Android. It’s quite annoying, but not unpleasant, especially since we find many important settings here, such as the screen’s default colorimetry. Samsung’s additions are therefore mostly welcome, even if we also regret the presence of advertising applications and in particular the demonic McAfee.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro (2022)perfomance

The Korean manufacturer once again didn’t really try to optimize its proposal for its largest diagonal. The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro is also equipped with the Intel Core i7-1260P, Intel’s 12th generation with 12 cores: 4 performance cores and 8 efficient cores for 16 threads. It comes with 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM soldered to the motherboard.

General benchmarks

So the performance is exactly the same as all other machines of this Book 2 Pro generation? Not quite. Where we observed a limitation with the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 that made it less powerful than the Asus Zenbook 14 with a similar spec sheet, it disappears here.


Its score of 8639 in multi-core and 1644 in single-core on Cinebench r23 puts the 15.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro on par with the Zenbook 14. We’re also watching it on PCMark 10 with a score of 5124, somewhat higher than its competitor. For those who have been worried about Samsung clamping, this large model is for you!


The 512 GB PCI-E 3.0 NVMe SSD storage integrated in our test unit is on par in terms of its bandwidth and therefore offers good performance.

cooling and noise

That doesn’t mean the 15.6-inch Galaxy Book 2 Pro gets hot and noisy, though: the device is perpetually quiet and never really feels warm in everyday use. The comfort promised by Samsung also applies to this larger format.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro (2022)autonomy

The 15.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro packs a 68 Wh battery, which is slightly larger than the 13.3-inch 63 Wh model.

In our PCMark 10 battery life test, the device covers the distance with 12 hours and 22 minutes on the clock to go from 100 to 3% battery. Enough to hold on to a productive day! The difference to the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360, which didn’t convince us, can certainly be explained by the fact that our model doesn’t have a touchscreen to use.


As always, you can count on charging at 65W in Power Delivery to restore your computer’s health. Most impressive in this aspect is its very small loading pad, which has the luxury of being less imposing than even most of the latest smartphone pads.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro (2022)price and availability

The 15.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro starts at $1,599 with 512GB of storage. For 1799 euros you can upgrade to 1 TB of storage. In this diagonal, the computer is only available with the Intel Core i7-1260P.

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