Basketball: William Van Rooij: “There is potential in Nyon”


basketballWilliam Van Rooij: “There is potential in Nyon”

The Côte team captain believes it will take some time to find the chemistry in the group but for him “it’s going in the right direction”. To be checked against Mulhouse au Rocher this Saturday at 17.30.

William Van Rooij is pleased to find the Geneva Lions, who he hopes will be “taken”.


Finalist of the last Swiss Cup and a good sixth place in the last championship, the BBC Nyon, which has strengthened well this summer, is ready to confirm this season with justified ambitions. Côte-Club captain William Van Rooij takes stock as Stefan Ivanovic’s players challenge Mulhouse (NM1) in a pre-season game (the last before the restart) at Le Rocher this Saturday at 17:30.

William, three weeks before your first league game (October 9th vs Monthey at Le Rocher), how is your preparation going so far?

Everything is going well so far. Of course we still have to make two or three adjustments because we changed a lot of players in the team, but we’re on the right track. Apart from two or three players who work part-time and cannot always be 100% available, the squad is complete. Knock on wood, that’s not the case every year.

The club has changed presidents (Jérôme Darbre took over from Xavier Paredes) but still remains in continuity with the same manager and philosophy?

Absolutely! The vice president becomes president and he will be very good in his new role, the line does not change, we are going in the same direction. The physiognomy of the club is identical. After an exemplary first season in the LNA, the coach is also a year older and much more experienced. We have all the cards in our hands to do something beautiful.

‹‹We have all the cards in hand to do something beautiful.››

William Van Rooij, Captain of the BBC Nyon

After a Swiss Cup final and a good sixth place, what do you expect from this season, what are your ambitions?

Confirming or even doing better would be ideal, but it gets complicated because the Swiss clubs have moved a lot and have all strengthened. Now it’s obvious that compared to our last trip and what we think we’re worth with our workforce, we aim to do the best we can, we’ll see.

Are you satisfied with your preparatory games?

We played four games with a last Tuesday against the French from Pont-de-Chéruy where we lost by about twenty points. It wasn’t terrible. But I have to admit that many players were late. For example, I had to be away for two weeks and we couldn’t all train together yet, except in small groups. It’s complicated for the coach and our team spirit, but I’m sure the chemistry will be right. It will take a while to get going and really get going, but eventually everyone will find their place on the team. Despite that, we’ve shown two or three good things so far. I think there is potential in Nyon, it’s just a matter of rhythm.

Can Nyon claim fourth place behind Fribourg, which remains a monster, Geneva, which has consolidated its position and Massagno, which is still just as impressive?

Freiburg have been strengthened and so has Geneva, but with a new coach there is a risk that the group’s work ethic and the way they play will change. We can sometimes have all the players we want, but if we can’t put a team together, it could be taken. However, we tell ourselves that we will treat all teams equally when playing against them. Our goal is to beat them every time, keeping in mind that there are formations that have strengthened more than others. We will see.

Unlike many teams, they don’t start their championship until a week later, does that give you a little more time to find your automatics?

As there are 11 teams in the championship there is always a residual formation which will actually give us another week to prepare. While we’re all happy to start the season now, we’ll also be able to dissect all of our opponents before we face them, it’s not that bad. In the meantime, we’re playing Mulhouse at home this Saturday, where we hope to get closer to our side when we face Monthey again.

coming and going to rock

departures: Zoccoletti (Massagno), Warden (Lugano), Umipig (Kosovo), Sow (France), Tubac (?), Hayman (Stopp), Eyenga (BC Boncourt), Charfi (Geneva Lions).

arrivals : Devante Brooks (USA, Southern Arkansas Muleriders, NCAA II), Colin Dougherty (USA, Irkut, Russia), Ian Kinard (USA/BK Iskra Svit, Slovakia), Axel Ugurtas (Sui/Movistar estudiantes), Titouan Vannay (Sui, Saint -Prex, return to the club), Janik Rothrock (Sui, Saint-Prex)

Stefan Ivanovic can always count on William Van Rooij, Jeff Duffour, Maleye N’Doye, Jérémy Jaunin, Joël Wolfisberg and Régis Bono.

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