Top 5 new technologies serving the elderly

As we age, we gradually lose muscle tone and arm strength. Consequence: Everyday tasks become torture and getting up is sometimes difficult. The good news is that our seniors can now rely on technology to help them overcome these difficulties. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 technologies that should make your life easier.

The stair lifts

In the long list of technologies that can improve the comfort of seniors’ lives, stairlifts are at the forefront. And for good reason, their fundamental role in improving the living standards of seniors.

In fact, as mentioned above, Our muscle strength decreases over time. Our mobility then becomes increasingly limited and it is sometimes difficult to climb the steps of our own staircase. Unfortunately, older people are the group of people most affected by this phenomenon.

To preserve their independence, common structurese handicare climbs stairs have worked capable of implementing a technology :

  • Of facilitate their movement;
  • To improve their living comfort;
  • And from maintain their autonomy .

The other good newsis that these devices have exceptional features designed to ensure the comfort and safety of seniors. For information, Most models available on the market have:

  • From a stoolto spare their knees;
  • With seat beltto ensure their protection;
  • An obstacle detection systemto avoid shocks;
  • An emergency stop systemto avoid collisions;
  • From a remote controlto start the operation of the device remotely;
  • A charging batteryto preserve the autonomy of the device in the event of power failures;
  • Etc.

As I am sure you have understood, these devices are true technological marvels that can make life easier for our seniors.

drug delivery systems

Drug delivery systems are number two on our list of emerging technologies for seniors. The truth is that our muscles aren’t the only organs that weaken as we age.

With time, our immune system also loses strength and most of our organs fail. This is why seniors almost always take medication.

Unfortunately, not all have tools to properly monitor their catches. And this is where distribution systems come into play. Help them :

  • To remember the time of taking the drug;
  • Or notify the person chosen to complete this mission.

Smart, isn’t it?

home automation


Still known as smart home, Home automation is a technology designed to make homes smart . Perfectly adapted to the housing of seniors, it brings them comfort, security and well-being.

to prove With its integrated sensors, it allows people with reduced mobility to automate the operation:

  • your heating system;
  • that of the air conditioning;
  • Not to mention the lighting;
  • Etc.

And that’s not all. The other positive aspect is that in addition to these functions, it offers the possibility for the elderly to open their doors and shutters remotely.

Depending on the activated functions, it also warns of possible gas and water leaks and allows our seniors to alert the relevant services. What more do you want!

The interactive tablet

The interactive tablet comes in 4e Position of our top 5 technologies for 3rd generation peoplee age. A real marvel, it has good autonomy and features adapted to the eyesight of the elderly.

In addition to these aspects, the menu has also been simplified with functions that are as interesting as they are surprising. As a note, the tablets adapted to seniors contain the patient’s medical record, facilitating their medical follow-up.

Finally, Most models available on the market have a video surveillance system. In practice, This speeds up the intervention of the emergency services in the event of shock or discomfort .

The mini smartphone

It’s hard to list the most useful technologies for the elderly without mentioning mini smartphones. They are real technological gimmicks that actually make it possible to improve the living comfort of seniors.

For reference, have these devices:

  • From a GPS systemto enable real-time location of the user;
  • Programmable buttons for quick contact in an emergency;
  • Direct access to emergenciesfor immediate support in case of shock or discomfort;
  • A calling system connected to essential servicessuch as taxi hire or ticketing services;

You are now well informed. Which of these devices do you find most useful? Let us know.

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