Hockey: In flames, Devos offers two points to HC Ajoie


ice HockeyIn flames, Devos offers HC Ajoie two points

The Ajoie top scorer, author of two wins and a caviar sent to Asselin in extra time, carried his training against Berne to fruition.

Julien Boegli


Guillaume Asselin (Ajoie, left) and Christoper DiDomenico (Bern) fight for the puck.

Jonathan Vallat/freshfocus

Led by two lengths from CP Bern, HC Ajoie turned the tide and won in overtime. Phil-Michaël Devos confirmed his current top form with two goals in the second period and an offer for Guillaume Asselin. This makes the Jurassians smile after their two failures last weekend (against Ambri and Zug).

Ajoulot’s start was slowed by a multitude of penalties – which we can simply consider trivial – in the early stages. Thus, the players led by Filip Pesan spent six of the first eleven minutes with a man down without, frankly, understanding every decision made by the referees.Exceptionally, the ice surface in front of Damiano Ciaccio was immediately subjected to heavy traffic.

Unsurprisingly, the HCA conceded the opening in numerical inferiority (4e). A risky goal, like certain whistles, scored involuntarily. Against his side by the corpse of Captain Jordane Hauert or by Benjamin Baumgartner? Hard to say. After the video analysis, the Lemelin/Ruprecht duo validated it anyway, and rightly so. In the first twenty minutes, which they mastered and dominated very clearly, the Bernese added a layer, from Tristan Scherwey, in ambush on a first broadcast from Beat Gerber (17e).

Since the irregularities of the guests in the first half of the game were obviously ignored by the referees, the Capital Bears, who are under court protection, managed their win calmly. Until the men at the whistle decided halfway through the game that it would be nice to have a more balanced verdict.

It was enough for Phil-Michaël Devos to make the lion that slumbered within him roar. Twice in 84 seconds, each in 5-on-4, the league’s top scorer magically sent the puck into Daniel Manzato’s net.

Ajoie revived, Bern was plagued by doubts, the outcome of the game became uncertain. The guests then increased the pressure considerably in the last quarter of an hour, Porrentruy’s collective no longer saw so clearly, but courageously held out until extra time. Until then, Devo’s caviar for Asselin.

The Zurich Lions are expected in Porrentruy on Friday.

Ajoie – Bern ap 3: 2 (0: 2 2: 0 0: 0)

Raiffeisen Arena. 3628 spectators. Referee: Mr. Lemelin, Ruprecht, Stalder and Kehrli.

Goals: 4e Baumgartner (5-4) 0-1, 17e Scherwey (Beat Gerber, Lindberg) 0: 2, 35e Devos (Bakos, Asselin/5 v 4) 1-2, 36e Devos (Asselin / 5 v 4) 2-2, 65e Asselin (Devos) 3-2.

Add to: Ciaccio; Leduc, Brennan; Pouilly, Pilet; Birbaum, Hauert; thirty; Asselin, Gauthier, Bozon; bakos, devos, dirt; Sciaroni, Romanenghi, Kohler; Arnold, Macquat, Vouillamoz; Frossard. Trainer: Pesan.

Bern: manzato; Untersander, Zgraggen; Spoon, Gelinas; Goloubef, Colin Gerber; beat tanners; DiDomenico, Sceviour, Moser; Vermin, Lindberg, Bärtschi; Bader, Baumgartner, Scherwey; Näf, Fahrni, Ritzmann. Trainer: Lundskog.

reviews: Ajoie without Derungs, Fey, Garessus, Hazen, Huber (injured) or Rouiller (excess). Bern without Henauer, Kahun, Lehmann (injured) or Pinana (excess).

Punish: 9 x 2′ against Ajoie, 8 x 2′ against Bern.

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