Ousmane Doumbia, de par sa trajectoire particulière et son impact dans le titre du FCZ, a plu à la rédaction du Matin.ch.

Matin.ch trophies: Super League: The editors’ favourites


The season is over, it’s time for the awards ceremony. For this last part, our specialists were given carte blanche to honor an actor dear to their hearts.

Ousmane Doumbia, due to his special career and his influence on the FCZ title, was delighted with the development of the Matin.ch.

fresh focus

The journalist is human. He strives to be as objective as possible when it comes to covering football news, with his own perspective. But that doesn’t stop him from having a heart.

To conclude this series of trophies the Matin.ch, according to the revelation, the best coach and the best playerour specialists were asked to highlight theirs peak of the season. A way for the football department to gently close the book for the 2021-22 Super League season. See you next year!

André Boschetti: Isaac Schmidt (St. Gallen)

Due to a back injury that, according to the doctors consulted in Lausanne, left him little chance of continuing his career at a high level, LS let him try his luck elsewhere last summer. It hit him hard. Schmidt had an outstanding second half of the season in St. Gallen, which helped to revitalize Peter Zeidler’s team. In addition, there is a left-back position that is unprecedented for him. hope it lasts

Robin Carrel: Ousmane Doumbia (FC Zurich)

The 30-year-old Ivorian had left Servette through the back door, towards Yverdon, then Winterthur. Through the big window, he returned to the Super League to become one of the cornerstones of FC Zurich. The defensive half is the man who has tackled the most in the elite this season (115). He even added 5 assist distribution to his palette. What more?

Nicolas Jacquier: The St. Gallen audience

On a Swiss scale, St. Gallen is very far away, seen from this side of the Saane. But what happens there can only seduce the French-speaking visitor. Surely there will always be a few jerks who spoil the party – think of the racist slurs directed at FC Sion doorman Timothy Fayulu last summer. Nevertheless, the “Greens” stand behind their team unconditionally. Remember that last Sunday there were still 17,121 spectators in attendance at Lausanne’s reception in a liquidation game without stakes (4-0). In Geneva, where the crowds don’t take off at La Praille (Note: 6902 viewers on average)we could take the seed…

Valentin Schnorch: Mattia Croci-Torti (Lugano)

You have to talk to him to understand the character. A straight, honest, smart man. The man of a canton who doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. Mattia Croci-Torti is sometimes neglected Ticino’s best standard-bearer when it comes to football. He gave Lugano some credit and abandoned the purely defensive approach. He trusted his best players and put Lovric and Bottani in positions that suited them. And then he won the Swiss Cup in style. Remaining deeply human, he lived his tears of joy on the bench as the title reached out to him. We look forward to what comes next.

Florian Vaney: Lukas Görtler (St. Gallen)

Two mentions straight away to Isaac Schmidt and Mohamed Dräger, two full-backs who brightened our spring. But nobody in this championship has the class of the Saint Gallois environment. His game isn’t the cleanest in the country, but artwork shoots out of his feet every weekend.

Daniel Visentini: Ousmane Doumbia (FC Zurich)

The Ivorian from Zurich is finally at the top this season and he deserves it. At 30 he’s a champion. In 2014 he came to Switzerland. Despite his great qualities, Servette left him in 2017 after denying him a transfer to Sion. After treating an injury, he found employment in Yverdon, then in Winterthur. And finally in 2020 in Zurich. André Breitenreiter has given him the full confidence this season that the brilliant Doumbia has returned to him on the pitch.

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