Meta, Ugly, and Mean: Zuckerberg’s Laugh of the Metaverse?

metamorphoses It is customary for us in our Meta-Weekly to analyze together the conquest of Web 3 that led to The legendary web giants 2. Their leader Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has continued to express their desire for Metaverse over the months. In fact, Meta, the company that concentrates the largest percentage of web traffic, sees the future of the internet in a different world: horizon worlds. This week, the social media giant celebrated the arrival of its virtual world in Paris and Barcelona.

In order not to get lost in the Meta-Hebdo:

Meta to conquer Europe

Metaby the voice of Mark Zuckerbergtherefore announced this week the opening of a Horizon metaverse in Spain Barcelonaand to Paris, in France. Accessible to those over 18, the codes of conduct and prohibited content are numerous and strict. In addition, a Quest 2 helmet is required to use the virtual world offered by Meta. Thanks to Human and financial resources usedSo meta goes to them conquest of Europe. France and Spain are not the only ones affected by this campaign. The UK, Iceland and Ireland have also opened their doors to Horizon Worlds. This development strategy is the right continuation of an investment by several billion dollars for the Metaverse.

Isn’t my Metaverse pretty?

“Today we launch Horizon Worlds in France and Spain! I can’t wait to see people explore and build immersive worlds and take them to other countries soon. »

Mark Zuckerberg – Source: Twitter

Mark Zuckerberg, the Pierre-Richard of the Metaverse

Cooked with baby onions from the entire twitter web, Mark Zuckerberg had to face it critics of the virtual world, happy to have something to eat. What is the subject of the crime? This screenshot was posted on Facebook. horizon worlds is ugly to some and unfinished to the most polite. Specifically, the virtual world presented is worthy of the designs of the 2000s, which Forbes even regrets Mark Zuckerberg “dead eyes” and “the avatars look like Miis from 2012, still without legs.”

Of course we cannot disagree with them.

This ridiculous episode, given the funds employed, is reminiscent of the collection of 100 NFTs deployed on the Solana blockchain. This test with non-fungible tokens by Mark Zuckerberg had then made the cheekbones of the web-3 sphere shudder.

Small mark in NFT

“In honor of expanding collectible NFTs to 100 more countries on Instagram and launching new integrations with Coinbase and Dapper, I’m sharing my upcoming little league baseball NFT card (…)”

Mark Zuckerberg – Source: Facebook

Horizon Worlds does it better

Mark Zuckerberg defended himself on August 19, 2022. Spoilers: He doesn’t defend himself very well. By keeping his audience excited about an upcoming update and potentially more realistic visuals, the entrepreneur promised rapid progress. It remains evident that Horizon must prove himself if he is not to become the laughing stock of the metaverse.

“Major updates to Horizon graphics and avatars are coming soon. I will share more on Connect. I know the photo I posted earlier this week was pretty basic. It was done very quickly to celebrate the launch. Horizon’s graphics can do so much more – even on headsets – and Horizon is improving very quickly. »

Marc Zuckerberg – Source: Facebook

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In the Zuckerberg family, I ask… the sister!

Randy ZuckerbergSister of Mark, CEO of the company Zuckerberg Media participates in the debate about the Metaverse in these statements Global Supertrends Conference 2022, last Wednesday. Organized by the Swiss creditBanking giant for the biggest fortunes and the biggest investors, this invitational conference reflects on tomorrow’s economy.

Randy Zuckerberg defines a metaverse, according to our colleagues at CNBC, which would be the antithesis of the one proposed by meta. It underscores the paradox of not being able to get to a decentralization complete, integral part to developing the Metaverse as it should be. Given the embryonic use we’re making of blockchain, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister explains we are only at the beginning of our conquest of the world beyond :

“We are only scratching the surface of what we will see in the metaverse (…) A smooth and complete decentralization of Web 3 is not yet a reality (…) To really unleash the potential [du Web 3], we need to develop a system that develops interoperability. What you have goes with you everywhere [et] we’re not there yet.”

Randi Zuckerberg – Source: cnbc

Cryptocurrencies: persona non grata of the metaverse

The manager underscores that Regulation and the need for data protection prevent the successful use of cryptocurrencies, and thus complete decentralization. In fact, the relationship between cryptocurrencies and the Metaverse is turbulent. The British central bank, for example, demands the most strict regulation of active cryptos in the metaverse. In emerging markets, it even needs special attention. According to them, cryptocurrencies pose a risk of causing the collapse of an emerging market.

Where some wish for a decentralized metaverse with its own economy, Randy Zuckerberg find it impossible. That Governance protocols and systems certainly appear as the solution that would make users truly actors in the decisions made in virtual space. Non-Fungible Token Technology, NFT would allow to certify the possession of the avatars, guarantors of the virtual identity, but also of the lands, lands of the metaverses. But their decentralization cannot be complete and easy.


Decentralization, between utopia and dystopia

That decentralization, a passionate advocate of anonymity and the elimination of any middleman, seems impossible indeed. At least immediately. A recent report by Galaxy Digital goes in that direction. The text emphasizes that decentralized metaverses must find the solutions to be fully decentralized. Otherwise, they run the risk of becoming centralized metaverses Roblox or horizon worlds.

“If these problems are not solved now, supposedly decentralized metaverses will not differ much from those built by Web2 giants like Meta […]. For example, just owning the rights to a custom character skin does not guarantee that Decentraland or Sandbox will allow that skin to be used in-game (…). In the absence of a third-party alternate world in which to serve user-generated content, its actual use depends on the consent of the metaverse operator.

Delphi Digital Report “NFT Licensing Survey: Facts and Fictions” – Source

Therefore, the report points out that even metaverses such as The sandbox Where decentralized cannot propose full decentralization. That Moderation Policy Content to restrict the use of an NFT. Isolated and only allowed in the associated metaverse, interoperability is also a gap that companies need to fill.

Asked about this matter by our colleagues at The Block, Sébastien Borget, CEO of The Sandbox, confirms the voice of a strategy that tends towards decentralization:

“We believe we will continue to deliver the Metaverse’s decentralized approach, which differs from that pioneered by the Web 2 giants, where users have no control or ownership over their digital content and data.”

Protocols, decentralization, cryptocurrencies and governance are then all issues that remove Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse from reality. games like The sandboxa pixelated metaverse under construction, seem concerned to cater to the blockchain philosophy’s need for freedom, even if we can only draw vague outlines at this point.

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