Alberto Giacometti and Sophie Rustelhueber face to face

That Alberto Giacometti Foundation Offers for a few more days to discover heritage. The exhibition organized this autumn was intended as one dialogue between the arts, epochs and media. The work of Italian sculptor in a new light, put into perspective with the work of Photographer Sophie Rustelhueber.

View of the exhibition © Fondation Giacometti

Seize the family memory

Archival recordings or new productions by the photographer are juxtaposed with the works of Alberto Giacometti. Sophie Rustelhuber offers workaround Traces of family memories, their persistence in places and objects considered as reminiscences those times.

For Giacometti, the family is a central theme. If we know Alberto better, his father Giovanni and his brothers Bruno and Diego Giacometti were also artists. Sharing his brother’s taste and talent for sculpture, Diego also regularly posed for busts or canvases of his eldest; while Bruno distinguished himself as an architect.

So these are the painted portraits and plaster heads of Alberto Giacometti from his family circle, led by Sophie Rustelhueber. heritage creates a dialogue between the arts and highlights the importance of painting in the life of the Swiss artist.

View of the exhibition © Fondation Giacometti

Combine places and times

With heritageSophie Rustelhueber interweaves her memories with those of Giacometti. The artist’s family home in Stampa is connected to the photographer’s family home (Vulaines).. These recordings and their processing create the same fascination a certain melancholy and childhood nostalgia that come to light in a dichotomy between black and white and color.

A polyptych of 5 monochrome photographs, a reverie born in Stampa that gave the exhibition its name, combines landscapes taken in the late 1980s with two portraits. The faces of the artist and his paternal grandmother thus question the intangible family heritage.

Sophie Ristelhuber, Heritage, 2022 © Adagp, Paris 2022

scars of the past

Sophie Rustelhueber adds to these pictures full of emotions and personal memories a series of images that more collectively question the ambivalence and tenuous link between life and death in artistic representation.

Sophie Ristelhuber, According to Alberto Giacometti, Big Head, 2022, pigment print 50 x 33 cm Artist’s collection © Adagp, Paris 2022

That Scar heads and sculptures by GiacomettiPlaster faces torn by Alberto Giacometti’s blade and the Photographer’s shots in hospital on scarred bodies and faces catch the eye of the beholder. These repaired bodies bear witness to the violence to this day, a work reminiscent of photo reportages from the war, particularly by Sophie Rustelhueber in Yugoslavia.

Sophie Ristelhuber, Everyone (#13)1994, 270 x 180 cm, silver print mounted on aluminum Artist’s collection © Adagp, Paris 2022

The Legacy exhibition can be discovered at the Alberto Giacometti Foundation (5 rue Victor Schoelcher, 75014 Paris) until 30.11 2022.

A exhibition catalogue bilingual French / English (24 euros, 160 pages with 135 illustrations, 16.5 x 23.5 cm) will preserve the memory of this unprecedented exhibition. For more information, visit the Giacometti Foundation website.

Useful information :
Alberto Giacometti / Sophie Ristelhueber, Legacy
Giacometti Institute
From September 27 to November 30, 2022
5 Rue Victor Schoelcher, 75014 Paris
Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m
Price: €8.5 (reduced €3)

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