Hypercar, BoP, LMP2: What will change from 2023

The FIA ​​World Motor Sport Council, meeting in Bologna, Italy on Wednesday, has ratified several changes that will impact endurance from next season. A year that will be marked by the arrival of several major manufacturers, as well as the beginning of the convergence between LMH and LMDh. Organizer of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and promoter of the FIA ​​WEC, the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, has announced the following innovations:

BoP: Motus and closed mouth!

Article 6.3.1 of the FIA ​​WEC 2023 Sporting Regulations, which establishes the general principle of equivalence systems, introduces a very important new notion in relation to the reserve that the participants must adopt in relation to the BoP in Hypercar.

“Manufacturers, competitors, riders and any person or organization associated with their commitments must not attempt to influence the establishment of the BoP or comment on its results, including through public statements, media and social media.”can we read “Any violation of the above principles will be sanctioned by the Stewards at any time during a competition, including after the race.”

Competitors should be careful about what they say to the press.

Two cars per manufacturer in Hypercar

To ensure sporting fairness, a manufacturer may enter a maximum of two cars for the FIA ​​​​World Championship for Hypercar Manufacturers. Apart from two cars registered in this championship, the additional cars have to compete for the Hypercar Teams World Cup. This World Cup finds special meaning for private teams. The manufacturer must specify in advance which cars will be used in the World Championship and World Cup.

Three different qualifications

There are now three separate qualifying sessions for WEC events, i.e. 15 minutes per category (Hypercar, LMP2, LMGTE Am).

The end of tire heating

The ACO and FIA ​​have decided to eliminate tire heating for all categories in the WEC from next year. This decision will also be implemented in the ELMS from the coming season and in the Asian Le Mans Series from 2024.

It is no longer possible to heat the tires upstream.

It is no longer possible to heat the tires upstream.

LMP2 performance

For the 2023 WEC season, the power and revs of the LMP2 category will be slightly reduced (-10 kW / -500 rpm) by the ACO and the FIA. A decision aimed at guaranteeing the best balance between the Hypercar category and the LMP2 category, which will therefore apply to the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In ELMS, where LMP2 represent the premier class, the performance will be increased by an average of 15 kW compared to the performance of 2022.

15 places for LMP2 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

The success of the hypercar regulations, the enthusiasm of the manufacturers and the introduction of LMGT3 in 2024 lead to logical adjustments in the starting grids. Given these new elements and in order to welcome these two categories in the best conditions, the ACO and the FIA ​​​​​​reserve the possibility of admitting only these to the WEC from 2024.

Regardless of this decision, LMP2, a crucial category for endurance, will always have a central place in the discipline and will continue to be the premier class in the ELMS as well as in the Asian Le Mans Series. The ACO will thus reserve at least 15 starting places in the starting field for the 24 Hours of Le Mans from 2024. The launch of the new generation of LMP2 will also be postponed to 2026.

The future of LMP2 is guaranteed at Le Mans and in the ELMS.

The future of LMP2 is guaranteed at Le Mans and in the ELMS.

Space for LMGT3 in 2024

LMGTE Am will do its farewell tour in 2023 after LMGTE Pro went under this year. From 2024, the LMGT3 category will take over. This is a Pro/Am type sport rule based competition customer category using commercial tires supplied by a single manufacturer. Manufacturers may make body modifications (for promotional purposes and/or to achieve an aerodynamic performance window adapted to the specifics of the 24 Hours of Le Mans) and must use torque meters to monitor the cars’ performance.

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