Trial of Benjamin Mendy: “Don’t tell anywhere,” the horrific testimony of a complainant who alleges Mendy of rape

Benjamin Mendy’s trial resumed Thursday with the testimony of a second plaintiff, who was present in court to respond to cross-examination. The young woman accuses the French player of rape during a party in October 2020.

The video recording of his statement to the police was harrowing to listen to, as was the cross-examination conducted by the defendant’s lawyer in court. The trial against Benjamin Mendy continued this Thursday with the testimony of a second plaintiff. She accuses the Manchester City player of raping her during a party in October 2020.

His video of his statement to the police was played in court. The complainant explains that she and friends met Mendy and others at a bar where she says she saw Jesse Lingard there, then at Manchester United. The complainant and her friends were then invited to a party at the player’s home. Under cross-examination, she will explain that it was co-defendant Louis Saha Matturie who suggested that the Friends come to Benjamin Mendy’s house.

There, the complainant explained that the Manchester City player took his phone from her because he thought she had photographed him or his home. Benjamin Mendy would then go upstairs in possession of the phone, according to the alleged victim. The complainant followed him to get his phone, and without any other purpose, he said, and then entered what she did not know was the player’s room.

In order to give her back her cell phone, he would have asked her to undress

She says Mendy used her fingerprints to unlock the room and get inside before the door closed behind them. She says she felt trapped at the time. “I want my phone, I don’t want to sleep with you, I just want to go,” she said, telling Mendy, who reportedly replied, “The door’s locked anyway.” The player would then have asked him to undress, and said, “I just want to look at you, I promise I won’t touch you.” The complainant says she asked again to leave. “I just want to watch you. You can’t go anyway.”

The complainant alleges that Mendy again asked her to undress and then threw the phone on the bed. “I had the feeling that I had no choice and that I couldn’t go out,” the complainant explained in cross-examination as to why she finally undressed at Benjamin Mendy’s request. At that time, according to their statements, the player threw them on the bed. She says she found herself “on all fours” (she recalls the position after asking the interrogator if it was useful). “I really don’t want to sleep with you, I have to go,” she repeatedly told Mendy, adding that Mendy “pulled her butt on him.” The complainant says Mendy told her “everything is fine, I will just blend in for a few minutes”.

“I was in a lot of pain”

She says she tried everything to free herself, but “it kept coming”: “I was just wondering how to get out of here”. She states that Mendy started penetrating her, the young woman then says she repeated again that she didn’t want him. “My body was so tense, I was in a lot of pain,” she recalled, saying she was bleeding after those forced reports. She then clarifies that Mendy asked her to put his penis in her mouth. She says she did it and then tried to take it off and told him “I can’t”.

“You can come here every night”

Mendy said she sat down afterward and told her she was “too shy.” Complainant’s response to players: “I’m not shy, I just don’t want to sleep with you.” Mendy would then have boasted about having “slept with 10,000 women”. A phrase the woman retained on cross-examination, saying she was “absolutely sure”.

The plaintiff then recounts that Mendy began to change and told her, “Don’t tell anyone. And you can come here every night.” “As if it would have been a privilege to come every night to do that with him,” said the young woman. According to her, Mendy then came out of the pit. The applicant then said that she found her friend and asked her to leave. The alleged victim adds that after the attack, Mendy went to his kitchen and asked the chef to “cook him something to eat.”

“I didn’t just say no, I said ‘I don’t want to sleep with you'”

As regards possible consent, the applicant was very clear and affirmed on several occasions that she had always said no to Benjamin Mendy during her hearing before the police and then during the interrogation. Put forward again by the interrogator, the applicant confided that she felt “that it wasn’t right” immediately after the alleged attack and specified that she was not comfortable with what had happened. “It drives me insane to know how many times I’ve said no,” she adds to the interviewer. And I didn’t just say no, I said I don’t want to sleep with you. It was very clear and no one heard it. It couldn’t be misinterpreted. “

The next day he would have contacted her via Snapchat

The complainant also said Mendy sent her a message on Snapchat the next day: a series of question marks. She said she wonders how he did it since she didn’t add it. She believes Mendy added her when he took her phone from the party. The plaintiff also says she received another Snapchat message from a man who was at the bar with Mendy the day before, who allegedly asked her, “Are you okay? Please call me so we can talk.” She then says she took screenshots of the messages before banning the two accounts.

“I felt like it was the longest day of my life, but it was maybe 15 minutes,” she said. When asked by Benjamin Mendy’s lawyer that she did not immediately tell her friends about her rape, the applicant added: “I was in shock, I could not articulate the fact that I had been raped.” Testimony from a first complainant alleging Mendy of attempted rape was aired on Wednesday.

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