VR46 wants two identical Ducatis in 2023

Unlike Pramac Racing, the VR46 team has only one of the latest spec Ducati this season. Rookie Marco Bezzecchi actually drives a GP21 from last season (as do Enea Bastianini and Fabio Di Giannantonio at Gresini), while Luca Marini received a GP22, like the pairs of the other two formations in the group.

Pablo Nieto, VR46 team manager, wants this situation to change next season by avoiding having only one of these so-called official bikes. “It’s still going. We watch it because it is very important to us.” he replied when the official MotoGP website asked him about the definition of the technical package for 2023.

“Our talks with Ducati are ongoing, we haven’t signed an agreement with Ducati yet. Of course we have the agreement to proceed with them, but as for the technical parts, we are currently talking to them about it.

“However, I think the 2022 bikes are very good,” attached importance to the statement of Pablo Nieto, who can be satisfied that Luca Marini chained three entries into the top 6 with this machine just before the summer break and has also started twice from the front row of the grid this year. But despite his progress, Marini is currently being overtaken by his teammate, rookie Bezzecchi, who took the overall lead at Assen by finishing first on the podium.

Promisingly, it seems incomprehensible to deprive Bezzecchi of a season-long machine in 2023, especially if he should confirm his level and finish the season ahead of his team-mate in the coming weeks, but Marini doesn’t want to remain private. Suffice it to say that it would be desirable for VR46 to have to make a choice that promises to be difficult.

“It is very important that the two pilots have the same equipment because we can work together”, emphasized Pablo Nieto. “It’s a lot easier for the team and it’s going to be a lot easier for Ducati too, so we’re trying to change that to try to have the same hardware on both sides.”

Marini: “I would like to have a 2023 Ducati”

When asked if he would agree to keep his current GP22 next season, Luca Marini made no secret of his ambitions. “I would like to have an official motorcycle! I would like a 2023 Ducati because it brings something very special. I hope!” he let know. “Honestly, I haven’t talked about it yet. We’re talking about next year and for sure in a while everything will be clearer for everyone. I think the most important thing at the moment is to get better results this season because results are achieved for everyone help all the time.”

The Italian rider feels that he is making progress in the race and approaches the second part of the championship with the desire to progress in qualifying to put all the chances in his side to get better results on Sunday. With two years of experience in this category, next year he wants to take part in the development under the direction of Borgo Panigale, convinced of the quality of the work of the Italian engineers.

“They work hard, I think they’ve done some really good things over the last two years, they’ve done really well and the Ducati is now one of the easiest bikes to ride, not just the strongest. So it is fantastic I would love to continue with them, with more experience I think we can get a lot of good results together I love working with Italians and everyone at Ducati is super focused on the big goal , which is very important. “

His number one goal is to get a first win soon. “I feel in good shape and I hope to get back on the bike with the feelings I had in the last few races because they were really good” he said confidently about his preparation before the first tests at Silverstone. “I think we’re still a little short of being in the top five at every track, but we were in the game and that’s the most important thing. I’m also sure that Ducati worked hard during this break when it was our turn. I don’t think they left Borgo Panigale yet and I hope they bring something interesting to help us.”

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