Last stop for Switzerland, beaten by the Netherlands at the Women’s Euro

A decisive game in front of 22,596 spectators against the reigning European champions. The Swiss women’s soccer team had never experienced such moments. On Sunday in Sheffield, for their last game in Group C of the Euro, she faced the situation brilliantly and left the Netherlands doubting a meeting with an unbearably tense atmosphere until the very last moments.

Nils Nielsen’s team only capitulated in the 84th minute when Romée Leuchter made it 2-1 with a whim. Two goals were scored in added time, anecdotal successes but endlessly confirmed on video. Of course, the heart was gone. The mission had suddenly become impossible. But until then? The Swiss had taken on their opponents, at times even a little better. This gives them a good leg: they will not play in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

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Déjà vu impression: Switzerland had kept their chances of qualifying until the last game at Euro 2017, but could not force their fate against France. So the Swiss had a draw, 1:1. But oddly enough, despite the loss, they appeared to be the closest thing to the feat that year. Despite also the galleys they have chained, from a first training ground that was not up to par to a gastro epidemic that interrupted part of their stay in England.

no penalty

England coach Mark Parsons announced his Dutch would start the game with a bang. Oddly enough, it was nothing. On the contrary, almost. The European champion, who was practically qualified at kick-off, seemed tense. In their little clogs with the ball. And it was their opponents who monopolized it.

That first table could have ended in apotheosis in the 13th minute when Sandy Maendly fired a shot from the left into Daphne van Domselaar’s opposite corner. The story would have been nice for the 34-year-old Geneva native, who will be retiring from the sport after the tournament, but the goalkeeper was alert and repelled the attempt with a stone’s throw.

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Cracked to the core, the Orange Leeuwinnen came out of their torpor and the match began to look more like what was expected. A team from the Netherlands on the move, constantly looking for depth. A Swiss formation, grouped and ready to be deployed at any recovery. The game almost changed around the 20th minute when goal scorer Gaëlle Thalmann intervened and a penalty was awarded to the nimble center forward Lineth Beerensteyn, but referee Iuliana Demetrescu reconsidered her decision after reviewing the video images.

The decisive reason

Portugal’s case was already decided at half-time, with Sweden trailing 3-0 in their other Group C game. In Sheffield, the Netherlands were still in position to slip through to the quarter-finals – but there was a match. The feat seemed quite feasible for Nils Nielsen’s players.

After the break, the game got heated. From the outset, every Dutch set piece saw danger hovering around Gaëlle Thalmann’s cage, which was used systematically in a precise and inventive pattern. A corner in the 49th minute saw Stefanie van der Gragt get wide of the far post and her header caused panic in the Swiss ranks, allowing Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic to head the ball into their own cage and they were great . .. on the other hand.

But it is precisely in times of need that the national team discovers the most beautiful resources. After responding to the opening goal in two minutes against Sweden on Wednesday, it took her four to equalize against the Netherlands after a fine combination between the indispensable Ramona Bachmann and Géraldine Reuteler was struck. Coumba Sow then had a huge chance to put their colors ahead, but was unable to dodge goalkeeper Daphné van Domselaar from close range.

logic respected

FC Paris’ Zurich resident, full of determination and ambition, will regret a lot when she sees the action again. What would have happened if she had scored? She will never know.

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Trainer Nils Nielsen gradually pushed more and more offensive forces into the fray and asked central defender Rahel Kiwic in particular to bring her 185 centimeters forward. Of course, his team’s balance was affected and the Netherlands eventually took advantage of this to win a stadium for their cause despite the presence of around 1,000 Swiss fans.

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In the end, the logic in Group C of the Euro was respected. Sweden and the Netherlands pass with 7 points; Switzerland and Portugal remain grounded with a single unit. Beyond the balance sheet remains the image of a team with exuberant enthusiasm, with certain technical and tactical limits, but also with the necessary character to overcome them. But again, on the night of their exit, it gives them a good leg.

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