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From Wednesday in the cinema“Thor – Love and Thunder”: Barely fat

The second part of the adventures of the Asgardian god seen by Taika Waititi adds a humorous layer. What can go wrong?

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Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in Spiritual Quest mode won’t last.

2022 Marvel Studios.

Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in Mighty Thor costume.

Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in Mighty Thor costume.

2022 Marvel Studios

Thor still without his hammer, who prefers another.

Thor still without his hammer, who prefers another.

2022 Marvel Studios

Same director and screenwriter (Taika Waititi), same leads, same dry humor, same good-natured humor, Thor: Love and Thunder, a new spin-off in the expanded Marvel Universe, sits in the same vein as Thor: Ragnarok. “ (2017), whose change of tonality compared to the two previous parts pleasantly surprised us at the time: We remember loudly leaving the room with our cheekbones in the “optimal smile” position.

But while “Ragnarok” was insane from its opening sequence, “Love and Thunder” begins on a tragic note: on a desert planet, a desperate man (Christian Bale) tries to save his daughter from dehydration. He does not succeed. Arriving at a “magical” oasis, he meets a pleasure-seeking god and realizes that the one he believed in doesn’t care about the fate of his people. Possessed by a black being, the bereaved father becomes his tool and kills the selfish god. Exterminating all the gods in the universe then becomes his master plan. Gorr was born. He will be the villain of the film.

The latest trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder.

2022 Marvel Studios.

Then dramatic change. We find Thor (excellent Chris Hemsworth) still reeling from the death of his brother Loki and his failure to stop Thanos from snapping his fingers in Avengers: Infinity War). He has rebuilt his body but his mind needs rebuilding and it is only gentle that he is helping to rid some tribes of their current troubles being harassed by angry little invaders. Luckily he is informed about Gorr’s cosmic plan. “Grrr!” he does it in his heart of hearts. From there, Waititi, who is said to have had a virtual blank card for that episode, has a field day of mockery and absurdity. Once again Thor takes his place.

Hello, this is Matt again

All this is anything but unpleasant, especially if you liked “Ragnarok”. The gags are linked but repeated, we’ve seen most of them in the previous episode (especially Matt Damon’s theatrical performance). Floats a delicious sequence in the sanctuary of the Greek gods with a beautiful exercise in self-mockery from Rusell Crowe in the role of Zeus, who knows how to elegantly lift his skirt as he descends divine stairways.

And then there are the action scenes, obligatory passages rehashed by a digital department subjected to infernal cadences and standardizations. Maybe our tiredness is talking, but we get the impression that they’re getting uglier from episode to episode. The money is there, but the artistic direction seems to have been entrusted to an artificial intelligence with the brains of a civil servant. The ultra-kitsch aesthetic of “Ragnarok” seemed at least suspected.

Under Gorr’s makeup

Finally, there is the storyline, which unsuccessfully tries to give Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Thor’s girlfriend in episodes 1 and 2, a prominent role, but forgets to give Gorr other substances than those granted during the prologue. Christian Bale is then left with just his makeup, great for grimacing. A bit like Lee Pace who played the villain from Guardians of the Galaxy, the name at first. Great actors who don’t have much to chew on.

We emerge from Thor: Love and Thunder wrung out, with heavy stomachs that can’t digest the digital mush and dry lips. In our opinion, this luxe step aside is another piece that overshadows the creative impasse that most post-Thanos Marvel films have hit.

Jeff, come back!

There’s no doubt some laughs will be pleased with this episode. For our part, Taika Waititi failed to maintain the subtle balance he had managed during “Ragnarok.” And then we missed Jeff Goldblum, comic sunshine from the previous episode.

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