The notes of the 2022 Italian Grand Prix

After the Italian Grand Prix, the sixteenth round of the 2022 season, we gave the drivers the following ratings.

Laurels for Nyck de Vries

Rating: 10

We usually reserve maximum points only for the author of a perfect weekend, but given the circumstances, Nyck de Vries deserves the exception that proves the rule. The Dutchman briefly replaced Alex Albon at the wheel of the Williams. After half a free practice he corrected Nicholas Latifi in qualifying and then delivered a flawless race that earned him the points for ninth place. His adaptability, already seen at the 24 Hours of Le Mans last June, is impressive and may help him find a spot in 2023. We wish him all the best!

Despite his unpreparedness, Nyck de Vries shone at Monza.

The Fool’s Hat for Nicholas Latifi

Rating: 3

Nyck de Vries’ brilliant debut is devastating for Nicholas Latifi. The Canadian is paying the price for a head-to-head comparison that hurts a lot as he was beaten in qualifying by a rookie who barely knew his horse… The Canadian performed no miracles in the race and is increasingly heading towards what seems an inevitable exit to be at the end of the season.

Nicholas Latifi keeps heading towards the exit…

The rest of the grid

Max Verstappen

Rating: 9

Beaten by Charles Leclerc in qualifying, Max Verstappen knew he was being punished on the grid. But that’s no longer even a handicap for the reigning world champion, who runs on water and has again had a perfect race: It’s his eleventh win of the season, the fifth in a row.

Charles Leclerc

Rating: 9

A Pole that owes no one, a great start and Charles Leclerc could have big ambitions. Ferrari’s strategic gamble didn’t work, but Max Verstappen and Red Bull seemed superior anyway. The Monegasque has nothing to be ashamed of.

Charles Leclerc seemed stronger than him in Monza.

George Russell

Rating: 8

George Russell doesn’t have the best car, he knows that, so he’s relentless in getting the best out of it. He also knows how to capitalize on opportunities, like the penalties that sent him to the front. Solid in the race, he scored his seventh podium of the season and stayed in contention for second place in the championship.

Carlo Sainz

Rating: 8

Fast in qualifying but a step behind his teammate, he was relegated to the back of the grid. His comeback was aggressive and noticeable, and fairly quickly took him to a place more in line with his singles’ standing. Well done.

Lewis Hamilton

Rating: 8

For the honor, Lewis Hamilton passed George Russell in Q3 before being sent to the back of the grid by his engine penalty. Stuck at the end of the peloton for a while, he was patient and came back after a good race marked by a very nice double overtake. He couldn’t have hoped for better than this fifth place.

Successful comeback for Lewis Hamilton, who started from the back.

Sergio Perez

Rating: 7

Sergio Pérez defends well, but the performance gap to Max Verstappen regularly speaks against him. With a 10 grid spot penalty, he had to stop early to put on hard tires and deal with a technical issue in the right front. In this context, sixth place is the lesser evil, to which he deserves credit, with the bonus point for the fastest race lap.

Lando Norris

Rating: 8

Lando Norris advanced to the second row in front of Daniel Ricciardo thanks to numerous errors. The Brit drove without putting up undue resistance, resulting in him finishing ‘Best of the Rest’ to help McLaren win back points from Alpine.

Pierre Gasli

Rating: 8

On the land of his 2020 performance, Pierre Gasly returned to Q3. In the race, the Frenchman gave everything and stumbled over Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren for a long time until it retired. He got the points for eighth place after a week in which he was ill and disabled.

Reduced during the week, Pierre Gasly ended up in the points.

Zhou Guanyu

Rating: 7

Zhou Guanyu may not shine, but he shows remarkable sincerity and wisdom on the weekends. The industrious Chinese seized the opportunity at Monza, where his only fault will be that he failed to get the better of the brilliant Nyck de Vries. His tenth place is his third points finish, the first since the Canadian GP.

Esteban Ocon

Rating: 6

A disappointing weekend for Esteban Ocon who was certainly penalized on the grid from where he had started 14th. He retired in Q2 when his teammate Fernando Alonso managed to hang Q3 and suffered in the race where traffic and the DRS train didn’t help him. He stayed in the points for five consecutive races.

No points for Esteban Ocon at Monza… and zero points for Alpine.

Michael sSchumacher

Rating: 7

Mick Schumacher’s awakening to salvaging his place in Formula 1 may come too late, but the Haas driver is doing everything he can to convince. Affected by a host of technical issues that prevented him from driving in free practice, he was also penalized on the grid. His race was solid with a good track fight against Nicholas Latifi and he took 12th overall.

Valtteri Bottas

Rating: 5

Valtteri Bottas appears to have lost momentum for a couple of grands prix, although Alfa Romeo’s performance levels over the summer did little to help. The Finn didn’t let his mechanics give him away this time. Starting from 15th place after a penalty, he never fought for points.

Yuki Tsunoda

Rating: 5

The Italian race will be forgotten for Yuki Tsunoda who has accumulated penalties (engine, reprimands and disregard of a yellow flag). Started 20th, he finished relatively anonymously in 14th place.

Yuki Tsunoda made a name for himself mainly because of his penalties…

Kevin Magussen

Rating: 5

Kevin Magnussen edged out Mick Schumacher in Q1 and that was it. The Danish rider’s weekend was similar to the previous difficult ones and was punctuated by a penalty on the grid.

Daniel Ricciardo

Rating: 7

A year after his triumph in Monza, Daniel Ricciardo is back on track. The Australian qualified just behind Lando Norris and then retired on the second row with penalties. As the author of a good start, he stayed away from faster formulas for a long time, then his team’s strategy was clearly not in his favor. In the points he was betrayed by his mechanics a few laps before the checkered flag.

Things were going better for Daniel Ricciardo until his retirement at the end of the race.

lance walk

Rating: 6

Lance Stroll, who was sacked in Q1 as so often, was overtaken by his teammate in this exercise. Aston Martin suffered terribly at Monza and gave the feeling of hope for nothing. However, the Canadian had started 12th but collapsed before retiring at the end of the race due to a technical issue.

Fernando Alonso

Rating: 7

Fernando Alonso delivered a weekend like the previous two, with promising pace in qualifying and an interesting battle against McLaren. Passing Q3, he started sixth on the grid and was clearly in contention for points… until a reliability issue caught up with him with about twenty laps to go.

Sebastian Vettel

Not rated

Sebastian Vettel, who retired again in Q1, was unable to defend his chances in the race as he retired on lap 12 with a mechanical problem. Anyway, the future retiree was on his way to another weekend to forget…

No wonder for Aston Martin and a double crash in Monza.

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