The Women’s Euro will break a record since its opening game

The best attendance at a women’s EURO match dates back to 2013, when 41,301 spectators watched Germany defeat Norway (1-0) in the final in Stockholm. It will be surpassed by the opening game of the 2022 edition, this Wednesday at 9 p.m.: England welcomes Austria in the sold-out Old Trafford stadium (74,000 seats).

This new record should only last 25 days, ie until the final of the tournament. The 87,000 Wembley tickets sold out in less than twenty-four hours, and demand was six times greater than the mythical enclosure’s capacity. Dizziness: During the first England-organized Women’s Euro in 2005, the final drew just 20,000 people to Ewood Park in Blackburn, which has space for a further 10,000.

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Meanwhile, women’s football has seen constant, even exponential growth since the last edition of the tournament in 2017. In the Netherlands, the Nations Cup certainly set a new overall attendance record with just over 240,000 spectators, but that was largely to blame for the increase in the number of participating teams from 12 to 16. And excluding the six sell-out games for the local team, the average attendance per Modest game with almost 5,000 people.

The tournament beckons

We then asked ourselves whether it was legitimate to mobilize stadiums with tens of thousands of seats for the event. The question is more five years later, why did UEFA choose three venues with less than 15,000 seats? Even before the start of the tournament, more than 500,000 of the 740,000 available tickets were sold out.

The sale is of course favored by a significantly more favorable price policy than at large men’s events. The price of Sesame for an adult ranges from £10 (CHF12) for first-round matches to £50 (CHF60) for the final. Nevertheless, the competition is increasing. According to UEFA, no fewer than 96,000 foreign fans from 99 different countries will travel to Great Britain.

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The committee also put the economic benefit for the host regions at 54 million pounds (62.5 million Swiss francs). That number is enough to make potential organizers salivate? It is piquant to recall that England were selected without opponents by default in December 2018. On the other hand, four different projects – including that of Switzerland and Liechtenstein – compete for the next edition in 2025. With Ukraine, there would have been five if the country had not been attacked by Russia.

open competition

At the same time, with the general development of women’s football, competition on the field is growing. Crowned eight times in twelve editions, six of them in a row between 1997 and 2013, Germany no longer has a monopoly on success. Always impressive, it has to be wary not only of the Scandinavian pioneer teams in this discipline (Norway, Sweden), but now also of the defending champions Netherlands, France and Spain who are chasing their first international title, or even England, that of it benefits the currently most dynamic national championship.

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Qualified for the second time in their history after 2017, Switzerland belongs to the second division, as their two preparatory games against Germany (7-0) and England (0-4) brutally demonstrated. In Group C, Denmark’s Nils Nielsen’s side have a card to play in their first game against Portugal, which took advantage of Russia’s exclusion to get drafted, at 6pm on Saturday. On the other hand, it will be condemned to this feat during its two subsequent encounters against Sweden (July 13 at 6pm) and the Netherlands (July 17 at 6pm).

All Nati games and more will be broadcast live on the various SSR channels. Globally, the matches are expected to reach more than 250 million viewers, up from 178 million in 2017. Another record for a women’s tournament.

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