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Tess Parks, goodbye sadness

“And whoever saw dancing was thought mad by those who could not hear the music,” evokes the dictum attributed to Friedrich Nietzsche – not yet proof of paternity, but it is nobler to put it in the mouth of a philosopher than they a drunk neighborhood Tess Parks, a young Canadian in her thirties, borrowed it for her album title to better sum up what she was like when she left her twenties: crippled by doubt, too sensitive to negative remarks, too affected by a world that was turning on collapsed on all sides. In short, the impression of stepping out of time. However, she didn’t want to forget anything about this yo-yo decade by offering us here, among other things, a testimony of her sentimental galleys. “Songs by a stupid 19-year-old girl,” she laughs, carried by a lazy voice and a certain sense of slowed-down phrasing. There’s also a synthesizer sound that’s gigantic again Bless you by Fatboy Slim and melodic loops resembling those of Anton Newcombe. No wonder: she was the Fufou muse at the forefront of the Brian Jonestown massacre, so inspiring that they co-signed two albums in 2015 and 2018. And this… A farewell to this Tess Parks is also there, she who just accepted rock & folk that the longer smoking cessation gave him back his 16-year-old voice. Here she is being regenerated for new adventures and is already in the studio for a long format that will be released in these months. Philippe Chasepot

Tess Parks, “And Those Seen Dancing” (Fuzz Club)

Angel Olsen, Land in the heart

Since the release of her last album in 2020 (which she introduced to Antigel), Angel Olsen’s life has taken on the atmosphere of an emotional tsunami. There was of course the scourge that we know, but also a coming out, then the disappearance of his parents, gradually swept away by illness in 2021 – all topped by his first breakup with a woman. How to say the dull sorrows, etch the gaping wounds, somehow emerge from the dark waters of sorrow? The 35-year-old musician with the fir green eyes may have asked herself that when she was composing her sixth work. Answer: the country. Until then, Angel Olsen had sailed the caressing waters of pop-folk, alternately rocking, acoustic or orchestral. A twist, then, but not brutal: this Saint-Louis, Missouri native has always had the heart on her lips and the plaintive guitar playing that typifies Emmylou Harris. In turn, she distils that touch of Americana across the ten tracks of Big time. Recorded in a rustic and bohemian California studio, the ballads mix piano, percussion drums and lapsteel, sometimes shifting from one state of mind to another at the same moment (the crescendo of At the moment…). Introspective but humble, Angel Olsen explores the depths of the soul by simply touching its reliefs – so that everyone there recognizes themselves. Enveloping and heartbreaking, soft and powerful, vintage but never parodic, big time Console. We let ourselves be swayed between melancholy and the hope that is born. VN

Angel Olsen, “Big Time” (Jagjaguwar)

George Ezra, Shadows in the Sun

Two weeks ago, headliners gathered in Buckingham to sing the praises of Elizabeth II – Queen and Adam Lambert, Alicia Keys, Duran Duran, Hans Zimmer… and George Ezra. Such an invitation makes you a subject of the Queen. And this one didn’t steal his crown: we owe the singer from Hertford, 29, two platinum awards and have seduced far beyond the UK thanks to an amazing contrast: a youthful face accompanied by a deep crooner voice. As a walking paradox, George Ezra is also the grandmaster of solar tubes. Start with Budapest, in 2013, a pop-folk catchy tune inspired by a chaotic Interrail journey that boarded the World Speed ​​TGV. There will also be Now it doesn’t matter Where shotgun, imbued with the same summer euphoria, playful melodies and sweaty smiles. We find this fresh and sweet recipe on his third album. which opens with everyone for you jumping piano made for the waves and green green grass, catchy title that was played during the anniversary… amputated from the sentence “You will give a party the day I die” – too gloomy, the organizers would have judged. George Ezra no longer fears gray areas. to radiant hymns, Gold Rush Kid weaves more personal and melancholic threads. In 2020, the artist admitted to suffering from anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, a subject that, like a broken record, he doesn’t want to repeat I went hunting, “Imagine thinking about something and rethinking/remembering/rethinking”… The difficulty of success when the mind recoils, but also the moments of grace between two hurricanes: George Ezra traverses all moods. His summer is the four seasons. VN

George Ezra, “Gold Rush Kid” (Sony)

Foal, off to the dance floor

All moments in life, big or small, deserve their soundtrack. Including the bursting of heavy anthracite colored cumulus clouds after a scorching week, enough to finally freshen the atmosphere. life is yours, the new Foals album, is the perfect playlist for that rain dance. For just one dance, to tell the truth – instant incursion to the nearest dance floor. Surprising given the Oxford group’s early successes – the thoughtful indie rock of a Spanish Saharathe sophisticated girls ofOlympic Airways. But after a double-header in 2019 that earned them fabulous charts, the Foals cronies are making a decisive turn towards pop and mainstream. Perhaps because the departure of their keyboardist Edwin Congreave, back to university, brought about a change of direction towards the mainstream. Or because singer Yannis Philippakis and his friends wanted to dream of a happier tomorrow with the birth of this seventh album in a windowless room in south London. “We thought about parties, clubs, going home on the drunk bus at 2 a.m.,” he told the magazine. NME. A manifesto for lightness and devotion, carried by basses and synths with funk overtones. The single, wake me upis made to be sung by a festival crowd along the way look up surf a groove eighties pleasant. A vibrant, coherent whole that, even if it seems pre-chewed, makes you want to close your eyes and forget yourself. VN

Foal, “Life Is Yours” (Warner)

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