Full house for the Swiss team

World ” Switzerland finished top of their group after defeating Germany 4-3 on penalties in Helsinki. They meet the United States in the quarterfinals tomorrow. Without saying that the final result is secondary, we can still say that the main thing was to get a point against the Germans to be sure to be at the top of the group. Mission accomplished, and that’s a little bit of everything the history of this Germany-Switzerland will remember.

So yes, with a bit more success from Timo Meier (shot against the post 38th and 55th), Switzerland could have finished with a seventh regular-time success and could have done better than in Stockholm in 2013, where they also had 20 points. Doesn’t matter.

Excellent Reto Berra

However, the Swiss suffered again against the Germans, although they dominated the latter in the second and third periods with 22:13 on shots. As if the ghosts of PyeongChang 2018 and Riga last year were never far away. Victory on penalties with an excellent Reto Berra may have pulled the Helvetii a little further from Finland. After Ambühl’s start, Patrick Fischer’s players were mostly lazy in the second. Not really shaken by that goal, the Germans waited for their first power play to react. The Helvetii offered Wissmann a boulevard, the defender quickly fired at Reto Berra (12′).

In the 16th minute, Toni Söderholm’s men even took the lead by putting traffic ahead of Berra. Moritz Seider’s shot hit Loibl for a happy distraction. But the Germans knew how to annoy Hischier et Cie. When the Swiss are jostled, they are less effective: CQFD.

ability to react

But if there’s one constant in the Swiss team, it’s that responsiveness in the middle third. Switzerland has won in seven games… seven, and the Helvetii managed these twenty minutes better than the first twenty. Pius Suter equalized with a nice shot on the 22nd. Less disturbed, the players with the white crosses have found a more favorable ground for their qualities. And when the first power play fell in the 38th minute, the Meier-Moser-Malgin trio combined nicely to finally give the national team the advantage. It’s a shame that when Plachta made it 3-3 in the 48th minute, the defense was paralyzed by penetrating Swiss territory far too easily. Correction for Thursday.

Because tomorrow is the quarterfinals against a young American team, fourth in Group B. The USA lost two of their first six games against Finland (4-1) and Czech Republic (1-0), but were able to prevail against Sweden 3-2 app . Switzerland start as favourites, but knockout games are never an exact science. ats

Germany – Switzerland 3:4 (2:1 0:2 1:0 0:0)

Helsinki: 3882 spectators. Referee: Ohlund (SWE)/Stano (SVK), Spur (CZE)/Yletyinen (SWE). Goals: 2. Ambuehl (Corvi, Herzog) 0-1. 12. Wissmann (Reichel/5 against 4) 1:1. 16. Loibl (Seider, Moritz Müller) 2: 1. 22. Suter (Malgin, Kukan) 2-2. 39. Malgin (Moser, Meier/5v4) 2-3. 48. Plachta (Wissmann) 3-3. Shoot into the net: record, 0-1. Lobl, -. Riet, 0-2. Plachta, -. Suther, -. Noebels, -. Malgin, -. fish book, -. Punish: 1 x 2′ against Germany, 4 x 2′ against Switzerland.

Germany: Grubauer; Holzer, Jonas Mueller; Seider, Moritz Muller; Wissmann, Wagner; gawanke; Pföderl, Reichel, Noebels; Plachta, Michaelis, Ehliz; Fischbuch, Loibl, Karachun; Soramies, Kastner, Schmolz; Spring.

Swiss: berra; Kukan, Siegenthaler; Forums, Moser; perch, goats; martin; Riat, Hischier, Meier; Simion, Malgin, Suter; Ambühl, Corvi, Herzog; Thürkauf, Kurashev, Bertschy; miranda

Remarks: Switzerland without Scherwey (injured), Aeschlimann or Glauser (extras). Shots on the post: 38. Meier. 55. Meier. Time out from Germany (60th).

In program

worlds in Finland. Quarterfinal Posters. Thursday, May 26th. In Helsinki: Switzerland – United States and Germany – Czech Republic. In Tampere: Finland – Slovakia and Sweden – Canada. Semi-finals on Saturday, finals on Sunday.

Two days after breaking his right ankle in the 5-2 win against France on Sunday evening, Tristan Scherwey returns to Switzerland today. He will be operated on as soon as possible. Symbol of the Swiss team, warrior capable of throwing himself headlong on a puck, heart and guts of this selection, Tristan Scherwey returned to this injury: “It happened on the charge that I made, I thought I would get up and I had no more sensation in my foot. I thought I broke my skate or cut myself. I walked out hoping it was the skate. I take off the sock and the foot starts to swell .After an initial diagnosis I went to the clinic to have the cast done and then to the hotel for a beer.I was sad but now wasn’t the time to show it.I guess I’m not yet at this stage where I want to show that sadness. I’ll have plenty of time later.” ats

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