Psychologist bonus, Speranza signs the decree: available for those with Isee up to 50 thousand euros. Here’s how to request it – Il Fatto Quotidiano

“I signed today the decree that activates the psychologist bonus financed by the Parliament with 10 million euros. After publication in Official Gazette it will be possible, for those who have an Isee up to 50 thousand euros, request a contribution to be used by registered psychologists. It is a first step. Mental health is one of the great issues of this time “. The Minister of Health announces it on Facebook Roberto Speranza. The implementation decree, provided for by Law 15/2022 and financed by Parliament with 10 million euros for the year 2022. It provides for an economic contribution for people in conditions of depression, anxiety, stress and psychological fragility, due to pandemic emergency and the consequent socio-economic crisis. The deputy of the Democratic Party exults on Twitter Filippo Sensi, which has followed the theme from the beginning: “With the signature of Minister Roberto Speranza, the #bonuspsicologo is finally a reality. A first concrete response, directly in people’s hands, to the deep wounds left by these two years of pandemic “.

The bonus will come to 600 euros per year and could be about 16 thousand people. The measure was initially included in the 2022 Budget Law and later eliminated. A petition launched on however, he had asked the government to intervene, given the (growing) prevalence of depression and anxiety, especially among adolescents. On February 17, the inclusion in the Milleproroghe decree. As stated in the document approved in April in State Regions Conference, three income brackets have been identified for access to the contribution, which will be distributed as follows: 600 euros for those with Isee up to 15 thousand, 400 for Isee between 15 thousand and 30 thousand, 200 for Isee over 30 thousand and in any case not exceeding 50 thousand . The benefit is up to 50 euros for each session, for a maximum amount of 200 euros for each beneficiary.

The contribution may be requested – after thirty days from the publication of the decree in Official Gazette – to the Inps site for a period of not less than 60 days, and will then be distributed according to the order of arrival of the application, giving priority to low incomes. The Bonus can be used to support the costs of psychotherapy sessions: the specialists who have joined the initiative will be communicated with a list from the Regional Orders of Psychologists to the Cnop, the National Council for Psychologists. At the end of the application submission period, INPS will draw up the rankings, identify the beneficiaries and communicate to them the acceptance of the request and the unique code which, for the purpose of booking the psychotherapy session, will be simultaneously assigned to each one. The contribution must be used within 180 days from the date of acceptance of the application. The beneficiary will communicate his unique code to the professional who, once the service has been provided, will issue the relevant invoice by uploading it to the INPS website which will directly provide for the remuneration of the services actually provided by the professionals.

Criticisms come from Codacons. The bonus, says the association, “is a spot measure that will not really help those who, due to Covid, have suffered psychological repercussions and need concrete and lasting support, and presents obvious critical issues: first of all the funds made available appear completely insufficient. Secondly, the ISEE ceiling of up to 50 thousand euros in order to enjoy the bonus appears too high, and will also include subjects who can independently support psychological expenses in the audience of beneficiaries. Thus only 16 thousand lucky ones – concludes Codacons – will be able to enjoy the Bonus and a large slice of citizens who have developed forms of mental distress with Covid will be cut off from the provision “.

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