Cherry MX 10.0N RGB review: a low-profile mechanical keyboard for office automation and gaming


The MX 10.0N RGB is a full-fledged keyboard with a numeric keypad. Its metallic and ultra-thin chassis gives it a fairly premium look while ensuring perfect rigidity. It remains very sober, with an all-black dress and its edges grazing the keys. This makes it more compact than many keyboards of this type: It measures a total of 42.5 x 12.7 x 2.2 cm and does not take up as much space on the desk.

The MX 10.0N RGB doesn't take up too much space.

The MX 10.0N RGB doesn’t take up too much space.

Its remarkable thinness is achieved through the presence of low-profile mechanical switches that are thinner than traditional switches. This does not remain without consequences for the ease of use, since a palm rest can be omitted with this sophistication. A foot that runs the full width of the keyboard is also on the back to elevate it if needed. Decorated with two hinges, this stand offers a fairly original design, but it has one downside: it retracts automatically, so it needs to be held in place if you want to move the keyboard around a desk. As a result, it has often folded during transport, which is not a big deal, but can become annoying in the long run.

Cherry's keyboard is very thin.

Cherry’s keyboard is very thin.

The buttons are smooth, but we found that they don’t anchor well and shift with use. A finding that can also be found on other low-profile keyboards, but which does not affect the typing quality. This asymmetry is just a bit ugly.

The keys are slightly misaligned.

The keys are slightly misaligned.

The functions (F) offer only a few shortcuts: multimedia, adjustable backlight brightness in 5 levels (F5 and F6), selection of RGB profiles (F3) and scrolling speed of effects (on F7 and F8). The keyboard features a full and fully customizable RGB backlight. The advantage of these dedicated RGB shortcuts is that they can be changed on the fly without having to go through the software. To go even further, however, it’s possible to use Cherry Utility to change keyboard shortcuts and backlight colors and effects key by key.

The Cherry Utility software.

The backlight is fully customizable.

Finally, the keyboard’s USB-C to USB-A cable measures 1.6m and is detachable in case it needs to be replaced, for example. However, the USB-C tip to be connected is cut to the millimeter, which should prohibit the use of cables from other brands. Also, unlike other high-end keyboards, this cable isn’t paracord, and its classic rubber should wear out faster.

The USB-C/USB-A cable is detachable.

The USB-C/USB-A cable is detachable.

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5


Cherry did not opt ​​for classic MX Red switches for this MX 10.0N RGB, but for significantly more sensitive and faster MX Speed ​​switches. So it’s possible to type at lightning speed, but with this sensitivity comes the risk of making a lot of typos, especially in the beginning. Their activation stroke is linear at just under 1mm (one of the shortest available), but they can travel up to 3.2mm and their activation force is 45 cN, just like the classic MX Reds. They’re also guaranteed for 100 million clicks, which should ensure excellent longevity. However, the rebound seemed a little soft. The MX Speed ​​low-profile switches are therefore effective, but their activation sensitivity and soft bounce won’t necessarily appeal to everyone.

Cherry MX low-profile speed switch

Cherry MX low-profile speed switch

Mechanical switches are pleasing, the keyboard can be used for gaming, especially since Cherry integrates it N-key rollover and theanti ghosting being able to press any number of keys without the problem of unwanted activation. In any case, the keyboard is silent for a mechanical model and the case doesn’t exhibit any resonances unless you have a really heavy hand typing.

Key activation is very sensitive.

Key activation is very sensitive.

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