Motorcycling: The Heirs of Louis Chevrolet


The formula was invented by Louis Chevrolet from Chaux-de-Fonnier, whose name has become the name of one of the biggest car brands in the world: “Never give up, never give up! This was his motto.


Jean Claude Schertenleib

Sunday evening she and she are on vacation for five weeks, a vacation that will be more or less active, whether we have succeeded in the first half of the season or, on the contrary, we are plagued by questions that always do not give an answer . But before that there is one more day of testing and one race to complete, the most important in history, the Dutch GP, the ‘Dutch TT’ at Assen circuit.

Invited to take stock of this first phase of the championship, the managers of the six brands represented in MotoGP recalled that the agreed speech was now the rule. In a word: that “never give up” that is dear to the heart of automotive pioneer Louis Chevrolet.

Honda: Consciousness

Albert Puig.
imago pictures / ZUMA Press

The team manager of HRC, Honda’s competition service, Alberto Puig was the first to announce that we should never give up: “It is not the first time in the history of our brand that we have had problems. Honda has always managed to recover and that will be the case again this time. Nevertheless, the words are simple, the good formulas are practical, but we find ourselves in an environment where reality is played out in thousandths of a second. So specifically Alberto Puig? “Maybe we need to start changing the way we think, maybe our way of working: should we gather more forces in Europe, so close to the majority of GPs, or on the contrary, work more with our engineers in Japan? These are traces, current topics for reflection,” admits the Spanish manager.

New broom, sweeps well?

This general consultation, which drives the managers of the largest manufacturer in the world, will have consequences at the personnel level, particularly as regards the names of the pilots. In fact, it seems increasingly likely that alongside Marc Márquez, the other three current HRC riders will of course also change color.

So in Lucio Cecchinello’s satellite team we should find Alex Rins instead of Alex Márquez (who could join the Gresini-Ducati team) and replacing Takaaki Nakagami with his compatriot Ai Ogura, Celestino Vietti’s current dolphin in Moto2. This new role distribution raises a question: who should develop the Honda 2023? “The ideal would be if Marc (Márquez) could get back on the bike after the summer to give the engineers some pointers. This for the ideal, but the priority that concerns him is clear: he must first be completely cured,” specifies Alberto Puig.

At Ducati we specify

Paolo Ciabati.
imago pictures / ZUMA Press

Paolo Ciabatti, sports director at Ducati, also knows his classics. His “never giving up” concerns the chances of who was the marque’s first rider on paper this season, Francesco “Pecco” Bagnaia, to return to Fabio Quartararo at the top of the championship. We also know that when everything is technically in order, the management of the many pilots – there are eight of them – can get hectic at times. So who’s in the factory alongside Bagnaia next year: “I’ll say it and I’ll say it again, we’ll give ourselves some more time to decide. But what I can confirm is that although the contracts are not signed yet, Enea Bastianini (currently in the Gresini team) and Jorge Martin (at Pramac, with the third man, Johann Zarco) will be Ducati riders next year with a work contract, both in terms of equipment and salary.” Same material, same wages? “Exactly. So it doesn’t change much that one is aligned under the official colors and the other at Pramac,” adds the boss. Not much, just a little more pride…

The sentence: Franco Morbidelli

“I went off the track at turn 11 and when I came back on track I obstructed Enea and received a penalty”: Franco Morbidelli suffers a “long lap” penalty in the race. Now, staying on topic, do you know what Yamaha team manager Massimo Meregalli says about his Italian-Brazilian rider? “We all know what Frankie is capable of. With him, never give up, we will never give up until he finds his true level of performance.

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