MX Master 3S in the test: The queen of office mice makes a silent return


On the design side it’s very simple, the MX Master 3S is identical to its big sister. Hence we find its dimensions of 124.9 x 84.3 x 51 mm, the refined design and the ergonomics that we already appreciated. It weighs about the same (143g) and remains a heavyweight, but this coupled with its size doesn’t make it a very practical model for the smallest hands.

Identical design and still so sophisticated.

Identical design and still so sophisticated.

The shell is always tilted to the right to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Granted, the wrist isn’t as rested as with a truly ergonomic mouse like the Lift, but the MX Master remains very comfortable. The soft, ridged coating on the entire lower part of the body provides excellent grip and the mouse does not slip a hair during full movement.

The MX Master 3S is really comfortable.

The MX Master 3S is really comfortable.

The MX Master 3S has the same buttons in appearance as version 3. Only in appearance because the main buttons are now mute! Logitech listened to user reviews – and our tests – who complained about very audible clicks. The noise would have been reduced by 90% (depending on the brand). Hard to measure indeed, but like the Lift and Signature M650 we hardly hear any key presses, which is frankly pleasing to our ears as well as those of our office neighbors.

The rest is unchanged. We find the two secondary buttons at thumb level, reactive and now also silent, as well as the button integrated into the lower part of the shell, indicated by a small bar. The superb MagSpeed ​​wheel, inaugurated on the MX Master 3, lets you choose between notched and totally free scrolling by simply pressing the button directly above it. It’s made of metal, as is the secondary thumbwheel, which reinforces the mouse’s premium appearance and impeccable build quality.

Many buttons can be configured on the MX Master 3S.

Many buttons can be configured on the MX Master 3S.

So we can configure a total of 5 buttons – in addition to the two main buttons – and the side scroll wheel to assign functions and shortcuts to them. All this is possible thanks to the new software Logi Options+, which we will come back to later. It’s recently been simplified and is now much more intuitive than the old Logitech Options.

The bottom of the mouse with Logibolt receiver and charging cable.

The bottom of the mouse with Logibolt receiver and charging cable.

Below the mouse are the power button and the Easy Switch button, Logitech’s proprietary technology that allows you to connect to 3 different devices with a simple click and switch from one to the other. The Flow feature is of course always present to navigate from one computer to another in a multi-screen configuration as if they were one.
The 4 PTFE pads ensure a perfectly smooth glide on the carpet.

The mouse charges via USB-C.

The mouse charges via USB-C.

Small change from the previous version, the Unifying receiver was abandoned in favor of the Logibolt, dongle more secure – therefore more suitable for business – and equipped with most of the brand’s latest peripherals. A connection of the mouse via Bluetooth is still possible, even if the latency is inevitably a bit higher. On the autonomy side we remain on a similar basis: around 70 days of use, enough to see what is to come. A small LED at the level of the secondary wheel glows red when the battery runs out of juice, and you can still use the mouse even when it’s fully charged.

strong points

  • build quality.

  • Very convenient.

  • Quiet buttons and dials.

  • Premium MagSpeed ​​dial.

  • secondary wheel.

  • Many configurable keys

  • Convenient Flow and Easy Swift functions.

  • Precise sensor that works on all surfaces.

weak points

  • Not really suitable for smaller hands.

  • No left hand version.


5 stars from LesNumé
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Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5

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The MX Master 3S is undoubtedly one of the best office mice out there. Without bringing any far-reaching changes to the series in terms of design, it manages to perform a little better than the MX Master 3, which was already at the top. Logitech has addressed its few minor flaws by implementing silent buttons in particular. If you already own an MX Master 3, the only justification for switching is if the noise bothers you. For others, this MX Master 3S is an office model that we can only recommend.


  • ergonomics

    Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5

  • accuracy

    Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5

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