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lawHe’s making a whole film about beer

Making a hoppy report is good, broadcasting is better, but Michael Beuchat lacks support.

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For Jura filmmaker Michael Beuchat, beer holds no secrets.

lematin.ch/Vincent Donzé

The casks of Delémont's Blanche Pierre perfectly illustrate his point.

The casks of Delémont’s Blanche Pierre perfectly illustrate his point.

lematin.ch/Vincent Donzé

The Jura artist Philippe Queloz contributed to the design of the

The Jura artist Philippe Queloz contributed to the design of the “Blanche Pierre” with a wave.

lematin.ch/Vincent Donzé

A film about beer? Jura director Michael Beuchat’s approach reflects a certain enthusiasm for regional breweries, but the success of “The beer a whole story” is not included. With 350 cinema visits, the wages for two years of work are meager. “It’s disheartening,” comments the filmmaker.

The former employee of the Choindez (JU) foundry, who overhauled the machines, filmed the molten metal disguised as a precision mechanic in 2019 before the final shutdown of the last Swiss blast furnace.

Michael Beuchat has other ideas. “After the foundry, I wanted to look around at another 19th-century company,” explains the director. Michael quickly realized that focusing on the Feldschlösschen brewery was like an infomercial.

Every city

The filmmaker has expanded his palette: “Every city, not to say every village, has its own craft beer,” notes Michael Beuchat. A Biel specialist, with his off-voice, served as a guide for these visits, which stretched back to a St. Gallois monastery, but when “Choindez, de feu et de fonte” was sold out in cinemas in the region, “La Beer A Whole Story” Despite a Profile”Facebook” dedicated to him.

Small consolation: “The people were there in Geneva and the spectators left happy,” says Michael Beuchat. But bitterness rose when he hit the puck: “The Jura directors are not supported by Swiss cinema,” he asserts.

“The canton participates financially in the Ciné Forum association, but no help comes back to the periphery,” the director continued. The Federal Office of Culture has done nothing to get its finances back on track and RTS is reluctant to broadcast the report in the original 70-minute format.

An apology

Michael knows why his report was rejected: “My film lacks drama, I’ve been told”. According to him, “every time we find an excuse to fire the Jura filmmakers”. Disappointment turns into anger: “The decision-makers want dramas in which everyone cries. I miss a whiny, transgender, or multicultural brewer…” he exclaims.

In order to save costs, Michael Beuchat took over the distribution of his film by contacting cinema operators. The blow came from the brewers, who, with two exceptions, did not attend the first broadcasts. “Word of mouth didn’t work,” regrets the director.


After a tour in French-speaking Switzerland, “Beer a whole story” will be broadcast with subtitles in Bern on September 4th and then in Liestal (BL). Will the film be in German-language cinemas? Michael Beuchat has no illusions: “With a pandemic followed by a heat wave, Swiss cinemas are in distress,” he says.

Michael Beuchat, based in Courgenay (JU), puts butter in the spinach by filming military exercises at Bure barracks. Michael Beuchat filmed a traveling restaurateur, military forts, his father-in-law’s bees…

He persistently gets to work: “My next film will be dedicated to a school in Courgenay that inspired me with the way it teaches,” he promises. With this specification: “By following a family, I will have dramaturgy…”.

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