Le nouveau PlaySation Plus se lance dans certains marchés d'Asie.

PlayStation Plus: A new era begins

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand welcome the new PlayStation Plus.

Veronica Rogers, senior vice president, global sales and business operations at Sony Interactive Entertainment, celebrates the launch of the new PlaySationPlus in some Asian markets: “Hard to believe it’s been almost 12 years since we introduced PlayStation Plus to the world. Wipeout HD was one of the first games offered to subscribers. The service has evolved over the years and offers more than 1000 games to subscribers from all over the world. We have regularly improved our offer in order to offer around 47 million subscribers a convincing product. Eight years ago we released PlayStation Now in open beta. It has since matured into a full-service, used by over three million users in select markets. Starting today, we’re taking our services to the next level. I’m excited to join our PlayStation community in Asia and extend a warm welcome to the new PlayStation Plus three-tier offering.

She reconfirms that Japan will follow next week, followed by the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand next month: “It’s really exciting for us to bring our impressive catalog of games to PlayStation players around the world. Our priority is to offer exceptional games. So we’re excited to be able to offer several popular titles to Extra and Premium subscribers as soon as they’re released. We will also offer some classics of our machines. As you will see, these legendary games look great on PS5 and PS4. Our games catalog is regularly updated with great games and I look forward to everyone having a chance to browse. We’ve come on an incredible journey to get to where we are today and I’m very proud of all the SIE teams who have helped transform our service offerings and offer better value for money and more flexibility for our customers have done a titanic job. Our teams have understood how to involve the players in the decisions so that our subscription is convincing. Thank you to the PlayStation community for being with us on this journey and for the new era of subscription network gaming services that we are ushering in. From the bottom of my heart.

New frequently asked questions about PlayStation Plus

  • I am already a PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now subscriber. What happens to my subscription? Current PlayStation Plus subscribers will be upgraded to the PlayStation Plus Essential plan and enjoy the same benefits as their PlayStation Plus subscription, such as monthly PS4 and PS5 games, exclusive discounts, cloud storage for saved games, access to online -Multiplayer and more. The benefits of PlayStation Plus remain unchanged. Current PlayStation Now subscribers will upgrade to the PlayStation Plus Premium plan upon release at no additional cost
  • Will PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now continue to be available as standalone subscriptions? Once the new PlayStation Plus service is available, PlayStation Now will no longer be available as a standalone subscription service and current PlayStation Now subscribers will switch to the PlayStation Plus Premium plan. Regarding PlayStation Plus, the benefits remain the same for the first level, dubbed PlayStation Plus Essential
  • What devices can I play games on with the new PlayStation Plus subscription? PS5 (stream and download games) PS4 (stream and download games) and PC (streaming only)
  • Will PS1 and PSP games available through the Classics catalog offer trophies? Some PlayStation and PSP games may offer trophies, such as B. Ape Escape, Everybody’s Golf, Kurushi and Siphon Filter. This feature is optional for developers
  • Can I transfer progress from a trial of games included in the PlayStation Plus Premium plan to the full version if I decide to purchase them? Yes. If you purchase the game, the trophies and save data from the trial period will be carried over
  • If I’ve earned trophies through PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe after playing a time-limited trial of a game and I decide not to purchase the game, do I keep my trophies? Trophies earned through the PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe plan during a limited-time trial will remain on your PSN profile even after the trial has expired and you decide not to purchase the game. If you later decide to buy the game, you can pick up your trophy hunt where you left off
  • Will game progress from the PlayStation Plus catalog of games transfer between PS5 and PS4 consoles if I choose to finish the game on a different device? When you play a game downloaded from the PlayStation Plus games catalogue, save data is stored on the PS5 or PS4 console you are playing on. You can manually upload your save to PlayStation Plus cloud storage and then download it to a PS5 or PS4 console. If you are a PlayStation Plus Premium subscriber and you are streaming a game from the PlayStation Plus game catalogue, the save data is automatically saved to the PlayStation Plus game streaming storage. You can then continue your streaming session directly on another device
  • Do add-ons and DLCs work with games downloaded through the PlayStation Plus games catalogue? Yes. You can purchase DLC and add-ons for games you’ve downloaded through the PlayStation Plus Games Catalogue. However, if your subscription expires or the content in question leaves the service, you will lose access to DLCs and expansions for that game. If you subscribe to the game again or decide to buy the game, you can use the expansions and DLCs previously purchased. Please note that DLCs and expansions are not compatible with streaming games.
  • If I’m offline, can I play games I’ve downloaded from the PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium plans game catalog? Yes. However, if you are playing a game downloaded through the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium/Deluxe plan game catalogue, you will need to log into PSN every seven days to validate your PlayStation Plus subscription and maintain access to the game .
  • With the service change, do I need to re-download games I previously purchased through PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now? PlayStation Plus games that you have already added to your PSN account will remain in your game library as long as you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription. Your PlayStation Plus benefits remain unchanged. For games previously downloaded from the PlayStation Now games catalogue, and those titles are also available through PlayStation Plus, you can pick up where you left off and save your progress. As with PlayStation Now, once the content is no longer offered through PlayStation Plus, you will no longer have access to the titles once they leave the service. If the title is available on PlayStation Store and you decide to purchase it, you will be able to access your save data again. Just make sure you don’t delete them
  • When the transition goes into effect, will there be titles that were available to stream or download via PlayStation Now but will no longer be available via the all-new PlayStation Plus? The PlayStation Now catalog of games will continue to be updated until the transition to the all-new PlayStation Plus catalog of games
  • What is the difference between the downloaded version and the streaming version of the same game through the PlayStation Plus Premium plan? You can play games downloaded via the brand new PlayStation Plus games catalog locally on your PS5 or PS4 console to enjoy their native graphic quality and original audio output modes. Thus, the resolution can reach 4K with a compatible title, console and TV. You can also play downloaded PS VR compatible games on your PS VR system. Additionally, some online features such as expansions and online modes are only available with the downloaded version of the game.
  • What are the minimum and recommended requirements to play streaming games on PC via the PlayStation Plus Premium plan? Windows 7 (SP 1), 8.1 or 10, Intel Core i3 2 GHz, 300 MB available memory, 2 GB RAM, sound card and USB port / Windows 7 (SP 1), 8.1 or 10, Intel Core i3 3.5 GHz , AMD A10 3.8 GHz or faster, 300 MB or more available memory, 2 GB or more RAM, sound card and USB port

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