Smallpox of the monkeys, the alarm of the WHO: “Cases increase, raise the level of attention”. Here is who could be behind the new crisis

They might just be “the tip of the iceberg”. The more than 200 cases of monkeypox detected in recent weeks, in countries where the virus does not normally circulate, they could be only a fraction of those actually present in the various countries. The alert comes from the World Health Organization (WHO) e raises the level of attention to the new circulating viruswhile Europe works for the centralized purchase of vaccines and antivirals ad hoc ed cases are also increasing in Italy. To date, there are nine confirmed cases in our country: in the last few hours it was thought there was another case, in Liguria, but the test carried out on the girl admitted to the San Martino hospital in Genoa gave a negative result.

Monkeypoxvirus isolated in the Sacco di Milano

In the meantime, the “monkeypoxvirus“responsible for the epidemic in Europe.” This represents an important result for scientific research – commented Lombard Vice President Letizia Moratti – it will be possible to test the activity of antiviral drugs and test the antibody response of patients who have contracted the infection and the share of the population vaccinated against the smallpox virus “.

Timely intervention to stop the virus

“We don’t know if we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg,” said Sylvie Briand, director of WHO’s global infectious risk preparedness department, during a presentation to member states on the spread of the virus. Experts are trying to determine what caused this “unusual situation” and preliminary results show no variations or mutations in the monkeypox virus, he added. “We have a window of opportunity to stop broadcasting – he continued -. If we put the right measures in place now, we can probably contain it quickly. “

The EU buys vaccines

Meanwhile, a new case has been registered in Italy and the infections are growing day by day in various countries: in Spain those confirmed have risen from 84 to 98 and another 16 cases have been identified in the United Kingdom, bringing the total to 106. One situation that prompted the EU to take immediate countermeasures. Through the European Authority for the preparation and response to health emergencies (Hera), the European Union is in fact working on a centralized purchase of vaccines and antivirals. Vaccination, according to EU sources, will in any case be limited to “very specific cases” given that transmissibility and risk associated with monkeypox “are not comparable” with Covid.

Five million doses already in Italy

Health Minister Roberto Speranza also reassured: “I understand the concern, but it is a completely different situation, incomparable to the one we have already experienced with Covid. Our surveillance and monitoring network, both at European and national level, has been activated and therefore we must follow it with great attention “. Anyway, Italy would be ready if it were necessary to carry out a vaccination for certain categories. Indeed, “we already have over 5 million doses available“of smallpox vaccine,” so we are prepared to proceed if necessary “, said the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa, specifying that however, this disease “does not affect the entire population because who has been vaccinated against smallpox, about 40% of Italians already have protection of approximately 85%. So it’s a different scenario that needs to be monitored. “

Vaccination is an extremely unlikely eventuality

Also according to Massimo Andreoni, director of the Infectious Diseases Unit of the Rome Tor Vergata Polyclinic and scientific director of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Simit), “vaccination is an extremely unlikely eventuality and it will in any case remain a rare and limited event, if it becomes necessary. In fact, there is talk of the possibility of vaccination for reference onlyas also foreseen by the circular of the Ministry of Health – he explains – to higher risk contacts such as healthcare professionals, in case they have come into close contact with infected subjects. However, since health workers are equipped with means and tools of protection, the risk of becoming infected is minimal. This is also because this disease is low contagious “.

Who could be responsible for the new crisis

In short, experts call for calm. But one an unprecedented scenario is evoked by Moscow: US biolabs allegedly behind the monkeypox crisis. The request to WHO is to investigate 4 American centers in Nigeria.

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