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Go on a diet – Joann Sfar, what a beautiful swelling!

Joann Sfar, what a beautiful swelling!

Hungry for life, Joann Sfar can't help but rave and pour his excess of imagination into newspapers, stories, films, albums and other comic strips.

“The less I lose weight, the bigger my notebook gets.”

Joann Sfar, Inspired Nutritionist

Fatherhood at 50 put Sfar on a diet...

“I believe we need missionaries of doubt, nuance and reading; long sentences, forgotten words.”

Joann Sfar, author

“The worst thing that can happen to you is that they understand you.”

Clement Rosset, philosopher

Contemporary disenchantment

  At 51, Sfar drops his phone and grabs his beloved notebooks full of thoughts and drawings.

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