Multiplex Premier League live: Manchester City are English champions after an incredible turnaround

The recap of Manchester City’s overwhelming victory

With an unbelievable scenario in the race for the title

Manchester City are English champions

The Cityzens are champions of England thanks to an extraordinary reversal of the situation. Liverpool finished second, a point behind Skyblues. At the bottom of the table, Leeds hold their ground in favor of Burnley.

Four minutes of stoppage time

Manchester City are four minutes away from becoming English champions. Four minutes of stoppage time will be played.

Robertson gives Liverpool the win

The Reds are now three goals to one against Wolves but Manchester City still lead against Aston Villa.

Young replaces Buendia

Steven Gerrard makes a change in the final minutes with the entry of Young in place of Buendia.

The reds keep going!

Liverpool scored shortly after Manchester City’s goal through Mohamed Salah. It takes a goal from Aston Villa to make the Reds the new English champions.


THAT’S CRAZY!! Manchester City are doing it again ten years later! Aguero was the hero, completely reversing the trend, but this time the one wearing the cloak is called Gundogan. The German midfielder scored twice to give Skyblues the advantage and secure the title.

Wolves’ failed counterattack

It was a three-for-one for Wolves but it was handled particularly poorly.

Rodri equalizes!!!

Incredible scenario! Manchester City are back on the rise thanks to a flat foot from Rodri, served well by Zinchenko.

City restarts!

Manchester City are fully recovering after this goal from German Ilkay Gündogan, who has just come into the game.

Firmino replaces Keita

Consistent change of attack for Jürgen Klopp with the entry of Roberto Firmino instead of midfielder Naby Keïta.

Boly sacrifices himself

A powerful punch from Alexander-Arnold, Boly intervenes and saves Wolves and City at the same time.

Villa doubles the bet!

INCREDIBLE! City are back against the wall and are two goals behind after a Coutinho goal. Anfield celebrate although Liverpool have yet to win to progress.

Last change for City

Pep Guardiola is already making his last move. Ilkay Gündogan replaces Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva.

West Ham dropped to seventh place

The Hammers conceded the equalizer against Brighton and temporarily fall to seventh place, which will qualify them for the Conference Europa League. Despite the defeat, Manchester United are still sixth and qualify for the Europa League.

30 minutes left

There are only 30 minutes left in these 10 Premier League games. The fight for the title is as intense as ever. The Reds and Cityzens are level on points, but goal difference favors the latter. If Liverpool score and Manchester don’t, the Reds are champions.

Salah comes into play

He was expected! Here it is! Mohamed Salah comes on amid an Anfield ovation, replacing Diogo Jota.

Leeds take a big step towards customer loyalty

Former Rennais Raphinha has just opened the penalty shootout and is sure to give the goal to keep Leeds leading 1-0 on the Brentford turf. At the same time, Burnley lost to Newcastle.

Sterling comes into play

New move at Pep Guardiola with Raheem Sterling replacing Riyad Mahrez.

city ​​is growing

Since returning from the dressing room, Manchester City have been pushing and getting more and more dangerous situations. But at the moment the Skyblues are still behind and under pressure from the Liverpool Reds. A goal would be a game changer.

What a chance for the Reds

After a scuffle in the Wolves box, Diogo Jota takes over and shoots, but the latter is countered by Sadio Mané, who was down in the box.

Mané scores but his goal is disallowed

Liverpool thought they would temporarily go first after Sadio Mané’s goal, but the assistant referee raised his flag to signal an offside position. The city is still ahead.

What a chance for Jesus

A superb overflow from Cancelo saw Gabriel Jesus get a cross from his side, but lacked precision. What a miss for the Brazilian striker.

Two changes in this Liverpool – Wolves

At half-time, the game’s two coaches had to make changes as the injured Thiago was replaced by Milner and José Sa was replaced by Ruddy. There, too, the Wolves goalkeeper was injured before returning to the dressing room.

Zinchenko replaces Fernandinho

Pep Guardiola changes quickly in this encounter. Fernandinho leaves at half-time and is replaced by Zinchenko of Ukraine.

Here it is again on English lawn

There are 45 minutes left on England’s pitches this season. The impetus is there and the stakes for the title of English champions are still huge.

It’s half time

End of the first period on the ten pitches of the Premier League. Aston Villa lead on City’s turf and Liverpool are kept in check against Wolves on their turf. In the table, the two teams are level, but the goal difference remains favorable for Skyblues.

Still no shot for City

While the end of the first period will soon be called, the Cityzens have yet to frame the slightest strike.

West Ham are provisionally ahead of United

At the same time, if the fight for the title attracts attention, West Ham are ahead of Manchester United in the table because the Hammers are ahead and the Red Devils are behind. At the moment, the Mancunians play in the Conference Europa League, while the Hammers would return to the Europa League.

Contentious situation in City

While Watkins coveted the ball saved by Fernandinho back to Ederson, the Brazilian laced up the Villans striker but the referee didn’t flinch.

What an atmosphere at Anfield!

Since Aston Villa opened the gates at Manchester City, Anfield has entered another dimension and the atmosphere is amazing.

What a stop from Alisson

Wolves were close to regaining the lead at Anfield but Alisson made a big save past Hwang.

Villa opens the rating!!

Incredible! Matty Cash opens the gate for the Villans! Liverpool and City are now level on points and only goal difference puts the Cityzens ahead.

City fans are tense

Tension settled on the faces of City supporters who watched their team struggle to be dangerous as Liverpool returned to Wolves.

Kane reacts to Arsenal

Harry Kane certainly scored the Champions League qualifying goal. After a gross misjudgment by Norwich, the Englishman pushes the ball with his head. Spurs leads two to zero.

Arsenal doubles

The Gunners are slightly dominating the Toffes at the moment and just doubled the lead through Nketiah.

Liverpool pushes

Sadio Mané’s equalizer was particularly motivating for Liverpool, who put the wolves under a lot of pressure.

Martinelli opens the goal for Arsenal

Gabriel Martinelli opened the scoring for the Gunners against Everton with a penalty but the situation in the standings remains the same as Tottenham’s lead against Norwich.

Mané revives the title race

Sadio Mané equalizes for the Reds against Wolves and makes Liverpool believe in the title of English champions again.

Burnley conceded the start

The maintenance race is turned on its head. Burnley have just conceded the first set from a Wilson penalty and Leeds temporarily exit the red zone as Burnley falls there.

Tottenham open the gate and get closer to the Champions League

Dejan Kulusevski opened the scoring for Spurs with an excellent serve from Rodrigo Bentancur. Tottenham are currently qualifying for the next Champions League.

The center of Luis Diaz does not find a buyer

Launched deep by Robertson, Luis Diaz manages to straighten the ball out but none of his teammates are able to take over.

Hot shot for Olssen

The Aston Villa keeper takes his time to clear and is countered by Jesus. Luckily for the Villans, the ball escapes the frame.

Matip very close to equalizing

Luis Diaz manages to find Reds defender Joël Matip in the box as the Cameroonian fails to find the frame. Liverpool react quickly.

Wolves open goal in Liverpool

What a start to the multiplex and the Reds have just conceded their first goal of the afternoon. It was Neto who opened the scoring after a good serve from Jimenez.

It left on the ten lawns

This multiplex kicks off on day 38 of the English Championship. The common thread will of course be the fight for the title. Manchester City are just a point ahead of Liverpool.

The composition of the arsenal

The composition of the Gunners:

Hello, everyone

Only a point advantage and a better goal difference (+72 to +66) separate defending champions City from pursuers Liverpool 90 minutes before the end of the season. Sky Blues and Reds will play at home in the finals of the Championship. Liverpool need to beat Wolverhamton (8′) to have any real chance of hitting City at the post in hopes of the latter stumbling down the stretch. With the title race between Manchester City and Liverpool on the 38th and final day, Sunday, topping the bill, the Premier League will also have to give their verdict on European places and relegation.

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