You will love this animated Indiana Jones! Tad the explorer will delight the whole family

Let’s join Tad the Explorer in a new adventure, arriving in theaters on August 24th!

The Tad the Explorer phenomenon is back on the big screen! After “In Search of the Lost City” in 2013 and “The Mystery of King Midas” in 2018, the famous clumsy adventurer returns to the cinema with “The Emerald Table”.

The story still follows Tadeo Jones, whose dream is to be recognized as a great archaeologist. But all his attempts to be accepted by Ryan, the brilliant expedition leader and his colleagues, end in fiasco.

By opening a sarcophagus, he unleashes a curse that puts his friends’ lives in danger. To end this curse and save Mummy, Jeff and Belzoni, Tad and Sara embark on new adventures that will take them from Mexico to Chicago and from Paris to Egypt.

This perilous journey will lead Tad to cross paths with Agent Ramirez and Victoria Moon, an expert in the occult sciences.

Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Allan Quatermain, Benjamin Gates, Dirk Pitt… and Tad Jones. In the family of cinema researchers, here is the youngest, an animated adventurer born of the imagination of the Spaniard Enrique Gato.


Crowned with a Goya for Best Short Film in 2006, the hero returned two years later, again winning a trophy and, most importantly, a ticket to the feature film box.

It will be Tad the Explorer: In Search of the Lost City, a surprise hit in 2012 with almost 2 million viewers in Spain, a gold record for the song Te Voy A Esperar, two video games, derivative products… and the Goyas for the Best Animated Feature, Best Director for a First Feature and Best Adapted Screenplay.

In addition, Tad is the highest-grossing Spanish animated film of all time, with $46 million in worldwide earnings. Not bad for a budget of just 8 million greenbacks.

A sequel will be released in 2013, The Secret of King Midas, which will gross 35 million tickets worldwide for a budget of 9 million.

It was enough to start the 3rd film, still directed by Enrique Gato. In France, the two works brought together nearly 600,000 spectators.


Tad the Explorer and the Emerald Table is a great family show to be seen by all the family, especially children aged 6+.

“Tad is now a remarkable young man of 23 years. He was born long before he became known to the general public and I’ve spent half my life with him. I almost look at him like a son that we guide until he flies on his own, and who needs constant teaching that every step is important.”, says director Enrique Gato. ”

For the director, an animated film is always a journey as big as a mammoth, no less than a three or four year investment. The team must therefore ensure from the outset that the journey is worthwhile.

“When the project carries the number ‘3’ in its luggage, you have to weigh this new step very carefully, especially when you consider that Tad’s name is connected with it and revealing it is out of the question.”emphasizes the filmmaker.

Enrique Gato makes sure that every film consists of new, unexpected ingredients that will have the viewer screwed in their seat and waiting for the next scene.


The pre-production of the film in 2019. After 9 months, the confinement fell on the team. The offices were almost deserted, only thirty people worked on site.

Little did we know at the time that we were on board to work remotely for two and a half years. Conditions that did not indicate that, thanks to the script by Josep Gatell and Manuel Burque, we would be able to make the best film in the saga.”says producer Nico Matji.

The production of an animated film requires managing millions of computer files that constantly change hands and requires more than 350,000 man-hours.

It is the meticulous work of the maintainers and the entire team that has made it possible to deliver the 120,960 images that make up the film and finally bring it to life.

“As a producer, I am very grateful to the entire team, especially the 3D animators who, like Olympic athletes, never stop striving to please the audience.”closes Nico Matji.

Tad the Explorer and the Emerald Table hits theaters on August 24th.

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