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Delta Dore is a manufacturer that does not need any introduction to home automation, particularly through its Tydom home automation boxes and its large catalog of peripherals. The French company has just unveiled several new features, including two new home automation boxes, Tydom Home and Tydom Pro, the latter having the particularity of being placed directly in the electrical panel. A format that was eagerly awaited, especially by professionals. But these two boxes also see the arrival of support for the ZigBee protocol!

A more scalable connected home thanks to more open boxes

Keeping the previous versions with simple and intuitive device controls, the new generation of Delta Dore Connected Home Boxes are characterized by a quick installation and, above all, greater compatibility with third-party brands.

Tydom home

Aware that homes must evolve at the pace of their occupants, Delta Dore designed Tydom Home and Tydom Pro with scalability in mind. The new connected home boxes thus adapt to the needs of the household and integrate the existing equipment (backward compatibility of X2D AND X3D products) as well as future installations. Without repeating work or decoration, it becomes easy to connect individual or collective housing, new or existing. This guarantees a long-lasting installation with ease.

Of course, Tydom Home and Tydom Pro remain compatible with connected devices from Delta Dore, but also with the biggest brands of home devices (Atlantic, Bubendorff, K.Line, etc.). A total of no less than 400 products are compatible and controllable at the push of a button!

But a big innovation was also announced: Tydom Home and Tydom Pro are compatible with connected sockets and light bulbs on the market that use Zigbee 3.0 technology, a market standard (depending on the model and brand)! In fact, the manufacturer told us at CES a few years ago that it wanted to open up. We still had to be patient, but these new boxes are here to confirm that wish!

Tydom Pro: the smallest panel version on the market

If the Tydom Home offers a slim and discreet design with a thin thickness that can be placed anywhere in the house on a piece of furniture, the Tydom Pro box is the “invisible” version of the Tydom Home that we install directly in an electrical panel. Without sacrificing performance, the box only occupies the equivalent of 2 modules in the control cabinet. And thanks to its external antenna, it adapts to the metal doors of electrical cabinets without configuration: in fact, an innovative patented process detects the presence of cables to redirect all the current to the external antenna or the absence of cables to the radio antenna integrated in the motherboard. This means that the installer does not have to configure either the software or the hardware.

Tydom Pro

Tydom Home and Tydom Pro are easy to install and suitable for both new and refurbished sites. Both models have a QR code and a MAC address (Tydom Pro) so that detailed information can be accessed quickly via smartphone.

Thanks to its collaboration with more than 10,000 professionals, Delta Dore also offers a dedicated Pro account in its flagship application, Tydom. Available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, this space makes it easy to configure boxes and monitor work in progress (product manuals, e-catalog, etc.). The Pro account also allows better transmission of information to technical support or even to another installer.

Among the characteristics of these new boxes we will particularly highlight:

  • Management of the connected devices and monitoring of consumption remotely or on site via a smartphone and/or tablet with the free Tydom application
  • Compatibility with over 400 products
  • Voice control with the language assistants Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant
  • Integration of Zigbee 3.0 sockets and lamps (depending on model and brand)
  • Backward compatibility with X2D and X3D products (Tydom 1.0)

And for professionals, including:

  • Quick access to box information with QR codes and MAC addresses (Tydom Pro)
  • Possible restore of Tydom 1.0 configurations (except voice assistants)
  • The configuration of the installation from a smartphone and/or a tablet
  • Monitoring of ongoing projects and access to useful information (product manuals, e-catalog, etc.)
  • Sharing information with technical support or another installer

With a 5-year guarantee, the Tydom Home is announced at a price of €197 and €209 for the Tydom Pro version.

Important detail: Tydom 1.0 customers can automatically migrate to this box. In June, a version of the application will allow automatic configuration migration from Tydom 1.0 to Tydom Home or Pro. Existing installations can therefore take advantage of Delta Dore’s latest innovations without having to manually reconfigure everything.

A new “Easy” ZigBee series

Delta Dore takes advantage of the ZigBee compatibility of its new boxes to strengthen its smart home offering with “Easy”: a new range of connected sockets and lamps compatible with the new Tydom Home and Tydom Pro home automation boxes. Extremely easy to install, these smart solutions, open to the Zigbee protocol, allow you to control all electrical devices and control and monitor your energy consumption in real time.

simple smart plug

Compatible with most electrical devices, Easy Connected Sockets allow real-time control and monitoring of the energy consumption of all connected devices via the Tydom application, independently thanks to daily, monthly or yearly readings.

With the new range of Easy Connected lightbulbs you can change the atmosphere according to your desires: colour, intensity, on, off… Controllable with a simple gesture at home or remotely thanks to the box and the Tydom app or by voice command to voice assistants, they respond to user requests on command. Useful in case you forget: the application allows you to check if all the lights in the house are off. The astronomy feature allows you to turn your lights on or off in the rooms of your choice based on sunrise and sunset.

Tydom App2

As the name suggests, it is very easy to use. Simply plug smart sockets into the outlet. Fan, TV, heater, kettle, electric vehicle, lamp… they are compatible with most electrical appliances (up to 16A)! When lamps are connected, they are simply screwed in like conventional lamps.

And thanks to the repeater function, the sockets and lamps extend the range of the Zigbee signal to all products installed in the house!

Well, the prices are unfortunately high compared to the ZigBee competitors to which we are accustomed: it does cost €48 for a bulb (available in E27, E14 and GU10 format) and €62 for the connected socket .

It remains to be seen which third-party devices will be supported, as ZigBee is a standardized protocol and is usually compatible from one manufacturer to another.

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