Top Gun Maverick: 20 Things You Should Know (Without Spoilers) About The Movie Before Flying With Tom Cruise

On May 25, Tom “Maverick” Cruise is back at the controls of Top Gun, three decades after the release of the film that launched him. Here is everything you need to know about the feature film event in 20 guaranteed spoiler-free anecdotes.

Thirty six years. Thirty-six years passed between Tom Cruise’s last lap in Top Gun and his new aerial ballet in Maverick. Three decades in which the actor confirmed his status as the big star of the cinema planet while pondering how best to reconnect with the role that launched him to world stardom in 1986.

“Tom is Maverick and Maverick is Top Gun. Maverick is carrying on a legacy and Tom Cruise is carrying on a legacy.”, explains sober producer Jerry Bruckheimer*, who accompanies him on this adventure. As the pilot prepares for launch on May 25th on French screens, a look back in twenty behind-the-scenes anecdotes of this exceptional production.

*Comments from the press kit

36 years

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Requested by fans (and the studio), the sequel to top gun is mentioned from the planet box of the first film. It will be more than thirty years before it sees the light of day, 36 years to be precise with the COVID related shifts. The release was therefore postponed no fewer than five (!) times: Probably for summer 2019, loner was pushed back to summer 2020, then successively to December 2020, July 2021 and November 2021, finally hitting screens around the world in May 2022.

The return of the old

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Tom cruise (“Maverick”) and Val Kilmer (“Iceman”) are the only two comedians top gun come back later. You will be accompanied by the producer Jerry Brueckheimerat the helm of the original film as early as 1986, and Harold Faltermeyer, composer of the feature film’s emblematic music.

“For him the intoxication of speed…”

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Tom cruise flew his plane himself after boarding in September 2018 ASTC (Aviation Survival Training Curriculum) is completed at the Miramar Military Base where much of it is completed top gun. For the needs of lonerHe notably took off from an aircraft carrier several times for as many landings. Unheard of in the history of cinema.

Tom Cruise at the wheel

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In a scene from loner, Tom cruise pilots his own aircraft, a Mustang P-51 Warbird. The passionate pilot and pilot emeritus was initiated by director Sydney Pollack, whom he met in the early ’80s before starring in La Firme (1993), which he directed. “I worked so hard on this film seven days a week that I never had time to learn to fly,” recalls Tom Cruise*. “So at the end of filming, Sydney offers me flying lessons and says, ‘You have to learn to fly now or you’ll never do it. I know it’s one of your passions to do this. Weeks later I took Sydney over to dinner and he said, ‘You motherfucker! Did you learn to fly that fast?” replied, “Yes, but it was very difficult.” He just gave me a ‘Fuck you…’.”

Redeeming the “G”s

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Young recruits out Top Gun Maverick followed a five-month training course in order to be able to take over the shooting of the flight sequences and the “G” caused by the maneuvers of their pilots. Their program was personally overseen by Tom Cruise*, who promised the Navy that “his men would be ready.”

No CGI, no streaming

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The producer Jerry Brueckheimer and Tom cruise categorically refused loner uses computer-generated imagery to provide the most authentic experience possible. They also resisted suggestions from various streaming platforms at the time of the pandemic to reserve the film for the big screen.

Stronger than “Lord of the Rings”

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Each flight was equipped with six cameras, which equates to four to six flights a day: it could happen that twenty-seven cameras (!) were running at the same time. At the end the film adaptation of Top Gun Maverick has generated over 800 hours of rushes and footage, more than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy! Enough to land passionate editor-in-chief Eddie Hamilton a gigantic job top gun who claims to have seen the original film six times when it was released in 1986.

To the tune of Lady Gaga

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The film’s song, Hold My Hand, is by Lady Gaga and was written specifically for the film by the singer and BloodPop. The clip is directed by Joseph Kosinskywho got his ticket to direct Top Gun Maverick in Paris, on the set of Mission: Impossible Falloutafter a twenty minute interview with Tom cruise to present his approach.

“You are the son of Anthony Edwards and Meg Ryan”

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The character of “Rooster” (“the rooster”), interpreted by Miles Teller, is the son of “Goose” (“the goose”), the former crew member of “Maverick” who tragically died in flight top gun. Tom cruise introduced him to the young actor so that he could prepare himself optimally for his role: “You are the son of Anthony Edwards and Meg Ryan”. Miles Teller notably completed a seven-week intensive piano course in order to be able to play the song “Great Balls Of Fire” in real life in the bar scene, like his “dad” did in the original film.

Rejected but recalled

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Glen Powell, who plays the pilot “Hangman,” was among the finalists for the role of “Rooster”: Even though he wasn’t selected, he impressed enough Tom cruise and offering the producers that other character with his audition. Very disappointed not to land the originally coveted role, the actor turned down the proposal before Cruise convinced him to use him to define this talented yet arrogant newcomer.

A responsible woman

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Totally male in top gunElite Squadron welcomes a female recruit loner, in the persona of Monica Barbaro, aka “Phoenix”. A choice that’s part of reality, since female pilots have been eligible to fly in combat since 1993, where they weren’t in cockpits in 1986 when the original film was released. “When I spoke to the pilots, they told me that if there were fewer differences between men and women, they would do better if they weren’t really called ‘pilots’ but just ‘pilots,'” explains actress* Gun, Captain Ferguson * confirms: “Twenty-five or thirty years ago we all looked exactly the same. We all seemed to come from the same machine, and now we’re a cross section of America. Diversity is our strength.”

A touch of Independence Day?

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The character of the young pilot “Bob” is camped by Lewis Pullman. His father in town is none other than comedian Bill Pullman, who played the unforgettable presidential aviator Thomas J. Whitmore, thrown into a dogfight with aliens at the end of Independence Day. Like father, like son !

It spins… and it returns!

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The American football game on the beach in loner, an apparent nod to the iconic beach volleyball scene from the original film, was shot twice. dissatisfied with the result, Tom cruise thus imposing new shoots on his young partners… who therefore had to spend a week day and night in the gym to regain their lost figure after celebrating the end of filming a little too much with great fanfare of milkshakes and beers!

The Admiral’s Daughter

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The character of Penny Benjamin, a newcomer in loner Camping, by Jennifer Connelly, has already been mentioned at the turn of two scenes top gun 1986 through a dialogue between “Goose” and “Maverick”, then between Meg Ryan and Tom cruisesuggesting that the pilot had been fooling around with an admiral’s daughter.

First Scene

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The very first scene shot for the film is the race between Maverick, sitting on his motorcycle and wearing his iconic leather jacket, and an F/A-18 taking off. It obviously mirrors the same sequence in the 1986 film that saw Tom cruise on the handlebars of his two-wheeler at Miramar.

The Spirit of “Goose”

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The response “Talk to me Goose””Talk to me Goose” started by Tom cruise the “ghost” of his former friend several times Top Gun Maverick, was the comedian’s very first line in the original film when they are in the air looking for an enemy. A coincidence that the team only rediscovered late in the final editing loner, while the line of dialogue was probably broken. “The line was chosen and the result gives the impression that Goose is still there,” explains the writer and producer. Christopher McQuarrie*.

Is it a bird? A helicopter? No, it’s Tom Cruise!

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The film’s public world premiere took place on May 4, 2022 in San Diego Tom cruise land on the red carpet at the controls of a helicopter.

Back to Cannes

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Top Gun Maverick was screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2022. A first for three decades Tom cruisehis last visit to the Croisette dating back to Horizons Lointains, which was selected out of competition in 1992.

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Top Gun Maverick is dedicated to Tony Scott, the director of the original film (for which he is fired three times and rehired!), who tragically disappeared in August 2012 after ending his life. A private screening of top gun was organized for him Tom cruise and the producer Jerry Brueckheimer 2010 to consider producing a sequel. “The sun is still setting, there’s volleyball on the beach and the jukebox is full of timeless tunes,” he explains Joseph Kosinsky*, the director of Maverick. “This first film is beautiful. Tony was shooting a blockbuster, but he was shooting it like an art film. The lighting, the gradient filters, the frame. There are moments in our film that stylistically pay homage to the Tony Scott film. Some days, like on the track with Tom, the bike and the jet, you had to pinch yourself, you believed it.”

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