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World Hepatitis Day on July 28th

Every July 28th is World Hepatitis Day. Bringing together a series of pathologies that have very different origins, routes of transmission, epidemiology and health implications. The opportunity for health online an inventory of these diseases.

World Day, Viral and Non-Viral Hepatitis

Hepatitis includes a large and complex group of Pathologies affecting the liver, one of the main vital organs of the body. Specialists distinguish two main categories of hepatitis:

Viral hepatitis, which includes itself several types of hepatitis caused by infection with various liver viruses: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, hepatitis E.

Non-viral hepatitis who has different origin :

    • Drug-induced hepatitis, the most well-known of which is hepatitis caused by an overdose of paracetamol;
    • Toxic hepatitis caused by exposure to certain hepatotoxic products: certain solvents, alcohol, or certain essential oils are hepatotoxic;
    • Hepatitis of unknown cause, such as B. severe acute pediatric hepatitis recently detected in several European countries.

Depending on the duration of the symptoms and the liver damage, a distinction must be made between acute hepatitis and chronic hepatitis.

Some acute hepatitis can progress to chronic forms.

Means of control and protection, reminder on the occasion of World Hepatitis Day

Viral hepatitis is the best known, including hepatitis B, against which there is an effective vaccine available to everyone from the age of 1ah January 2018.
In the face of hepatitis B, increasing immunization coverage through mandatory vaccination of infants could significantly reduce the incidence of this hepatitis. Over the years, it can lead to cirrhosis or even one liver cancer.

In particular, hepatitis C is transmitted through blood or sexually and sometimes during co-contamination with HIV.
The knowledge gained in recent years has made it possible to improve the prevention and treatment of hepatitis C. The World Health Organization hopes to eradicate this hepatitis by 2030.

How to protect yourself from hepatitis?

If the health authorities take action, the WHO recommends that everyone do so actor of his health, by protecting against viral hepatitis thanks to 5 actions:

  • Always use sterile, disposable syringes;
  • Use your own razor with your own blades;
  • Protect yourself during sex;
  • For tattoos and piercings, see a professional who uses sterile, single-use equipment.
  • Vaccinate children against hepatitis B.

Even with non-viral hepatitis, everyone can protect themselves every day: by limiting alcohol consumption, avoiding substances that are toxic to the liver, adhering to the paracetamol dosage.

In case of overdose, this analgesic and antipyretic drug widely used in self-medication, can cause fulminant hepatitis that may require emergency liver transplantation. To better inform about this risk, paracetamol boxes now say in red capital letters and with a warning triangle: “Overdose = Danger. Exceeding the dose can destroy the liver.”

Focus on World Hepatitis Day

This year, the theme of this World Hepatitis Day will be better access to healthcare, with a focus on local care. According to the WHO, one person dies from hepatitis B or C worldwide every thirty seconds while treatments exist and are available. All states are encouraged to strengthen preventive measures and access to care routes.

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