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Dofus touch is an MMORPG released in 2016. An expanded world, dungeons to explore, monsters at will and PVP, this game truly has it all.


Download DOFUS Touch for Android

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Version 3.2.8 | Developer ANKAMA GAMES | Updated on 06/20/2022

Setup: 5.1

For lovers of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, we present you one that contains a fantasy universe created by Ankama Studio. You’ve probably already seen derivative works like feature films and animated series.

Ankama has taken over the game Dofus, initially available for Windows, Linux and Mac, to adapt it to smartphones and tablets. If the PC version was released in 2004, the mobile version didn’t appear until 2016. Both present the same gameplay and speak of a similar universe. These two versions differ only in the platform and some specific vents.

Before you begin, you might be wondering if Dofus has any similarities to the 2012 game Wakfu. These two games actually take place in the same universe: the World of Twelve. The only discrepancy lies in the chronology. The events of Wakfu take place a millennium after those of Dofus.


In the World of Twelve, where the gods rule, there are six dragon eggs: the Dofus. They are signs of hope and above all of strength. Her disappearance has shattered the peace that once reigned. Your role will be to enter this universe, get your hands on it and at the same time bring order to this world full of fantasy.

type of game

As we just said, it’s an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game). The principle of this type of game remains the same: create a character, train it and progress in the story to reach the final goal.

Though it assumes a noble quest, it still lacks a good dose of humor. In fact, the manga scenarios and graphics create unique, inspiring and above all funny scenes. Regular updates will add small sequels to the background and allow for maintenance.

playing style

This game features turn-based gameplay, which means that the characters act in a specific order, unlike reactive games. So you don’t have to hurry. When your turn ends, wait for the others to finish their turn.

This mode is often used in strategy or brain games like chess or Pokemon. This feature also allows you to play on the go. Although this was already the case in Dofus, the fact that you were using a PC limited your actions.

The multiplayer character

Depending on the type of game, you can interact with other players. You have two choices. Either you cooperate with them or you challenge them. With the first option, the system initially offers to add friends.

Then it also offers the possibility to create and join a guild or alliance. With all of this, you can engage in territorial conquests and epic battles. In contrast, you are also entitled to beautiful PVP (Player Vs Player).

In this way, you can assess your personal skills, improve your playing style and keep the competitive spirit. The game features battles between guilds, challenges between alliances, and an arena where you fight in groups of three.

The classes

In the game you can choose from 15 classes when creating your character. Each of them has multiple abilities such as improvement, care, disability or even placement. Of course, each class corresponds to a weapon and a very specific playstyle. With so much freedom, you’re sure to find one that not only suits your preferences, but also your character or temperament. Let’s not forget that we are talking about an RPG here.


This virtual world contains more than 700 weapons of all kinds. From magic wands to physical weapons, you have a huge selection at your disposal. Each has a type, level, and possibly attributes and effects. As you progress, you will come across more and more attractive combinations. Some players can also forge them. This mainly depends on the profession of his character.


And yes, you are not dreaming, this game also features more peaceful activities than rubbing shoulders with monsters all the time. You have the choice between many professions with which you can earn money on the one hand. On the other hand, you can also interact with other players in other ways. Some professions bring you advantages in your preparations, others help you on your way. So choose wisely. Otherwise, you can also ask your friends for help if they need any exercise you need.


You can also equip your character. This allows him to gain strength. Various types are available to you such as amulets, capes, hats, belts, rings, boots, shields and backpacks. Of course, they also have levels, effects and attributes. You can only wear one from each category. So it’s up to you to choose the right combination and adapt to all situations.


Aside from effect devices, others are just there to look pretty. These are the ones that appear on your character. You have an infinite variety of accessories of all kinds. FYI, their use does not require you to remove your effects devices. They only affect appearance.

A huge universe

In addition to the very complete gameplay, you are also entitled to a huge universe. However, be careful. With the chaos that reigns in the World of Twelve, it is impossible to predict what dangers you will encounter.

A world to discover

The game offers you the opportunity to travel in this area full of magic and fantasy. Discover a new world with creatures that are as fantastic as they are mysterious. Embark on unique adventures. Unfamiliar surroundings await you alone or with your friends.

Dungeons to explore

With over 90 different dungeons, you’ll have enough to keep you busy. Raise your level, improve your equipment and try to return unscathed from your exploration in the depths of the latter. If you feel the challenge is beyond your current abilities, don’t hesitate to ask your guild members for help. Form an alliance to facilitate your progress.

to defeat monsters

This chaotic world is full of monsters of all kinds. If you want to take on all of them, you have enough to do. In fact, the game contains more than 2000 potential opponents ranging from small fish to legendary bosses. Make sure your skills are sharp enough or you’ll bite your fingers.


The original Dofus game came only on PC. It then worked with Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems. The mobile version of Dofus Touch is suitable for smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS.

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