The Parc des Bastions, an emblematic place in the city of Geneva, had closed its restaurant. After several months of work, a brand new place emerges from this cocoon: the Kiosque des Bastions. A space completely redesigned by Studio Julia Christ, where you get lost in the middle of the plants, a new team and a whole new map for a meeting place that could quickly become a must-see. Design and modern, the Kiosque des Bastions is a contemporary brasserie where you eat well and feel good. All day long, from Sunday brunch to lunch, including afterwork, dinner and long summer evenings, Kiosque promises to be our favorite meeting place for a friendly moment over comforting cuisine and original cocktails. If you’re looking for us, now you know where to find us…

Madeleine de Proust forever

It’s a story that was written in 1881 when this bandstand was built in the Parc des Bastions, one of the first in the city. A true Proust-Madeleine of Geneva, the Café Restaurant des Bastions was an institution, but as the city developed around it a change in appearance had become necessary. More than 140 years later, the building lives on and has just undergone a facelift with the arrival of a new team with a clear objective: to revitalize this emblematic place, an integral part of Geneva’s heritage. If the room has been consistently modernized, under the direction of studio julia christ, undoubtedly contemporary, the place absorbs its history through its name, which recalls the original bandstand. Another page written in the present tense.

The Bastions kiosk designed by Studio Julia Christ ©Christophe Voisin

A bistro in the heart of the city

In the kitchen, there has been a return to good, simple things. Central to the values ​​of the Kiosque? Regional products and seasonally changing dishes for a bistro cuisine that is as simple and comforting as it is refined. This spring, guests can treat themselves to tuna tataki wrapped in poppy seeds, perch fillets from Lake Geneva or aubergine gnocchi and burrata stracciatella. On the mythical terrace we drink coffee throughout the day while tasting dishes to share. After all, Sunday is brunch at the kiosk. Two services, the first at 11am for families and the second at 1.30pm for a friendly and musical atmosphere. Le Kiosque is also a bar where we let our taste buds be tempted with a Graubünden wine or an original cocktail made by the house craftsmen!

A contemporary art deco greenhouse

If the shell remains identical and preserves the history of this building, entering the kiosk will transport us to a place where art deco blends perfectly with contemporary design. The space, surrounded by glass, turns into a greenhouse, with plants everywhere, immersing us in a jungle of chlorophyll. The pastel-colored glass catches our eye, while the furniture, which is both simple and stylish, adapts to any type of audience. The kiosk bet? Become a must for everyone from students to business people, from families to tourists. Eyes lost in the green, we already know the bet was won. Proust’s Madeleine continues to write her story.

The Bastions kiosk designed by Studio Julia Christ ©Christophe Voisin

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