It would protect the colon and relieve pressure on this delicious, inexpensive fruit to be consumed in this alternative way

High blood pressure could cause major problems. In fact, she would be the number one enemy for heart health, as she could be responsible for heart attacks. High blood pressure does not cause particular symptoms. In fact, many people wouldn’t know about it.

However, frequent checks should be made, especially as a form of prevention. High blood pressure should not be underestimated and, if diagnosed, we should correct some bad habits, which would affect nutrition and lifestyle.

For example, we should limit the use of salt, which would be most responsible for the rise in pressure, as well as everything that contains it. Just think of cheeses, butter and so on. Furthermore, remember that overweight people may suffer, without knowing it, from hypertension.

In fact, according to science, we should measure our waist size because, if it had specific measurements, it could be a “symptom” of high blood pressure. Nutrition would play an essential role in improving our health. There are, in fact, foods to limit if we also wanted to protect the colon.

The latter could be particularly prone to cancer, especially over 60 years of age. There would be several risk factors, one of them could be improper diet linked to obesity.

This is why it is very important to check and improve, above all, nutrition, following a specific diet, exclusively prescribed by a doctor. Furthermore, physical activity is essential not only for losing weight, but also for a series of benefits for our body.

The medlar

Staying on the theme of nutrition, there would be some foods capable of helping the body. Today we focus on medlar, which, according to Humanitas, would protect the colon and reduce pressure. In addition to these benefits, medlar, through pectins, would also reduce cholesterol and be a source of antioxidants.

Furthermore, it is rich in vitamin A, useful for skin health, as well as mineral salts. In fact, it would be the potassium content to promote cardiovascular health, by controlling blood pressure. This summer fruit, which we could find cheaply on supermarket counters, would seem a panacea for health. In fact, it seems to be among the cheapest fruits.

It would protect the colon and relieve pressure on this delicious, inexpensive fruit to be consumed in this alternative way

For 100 g of medlar we could only take 47 calories, which make the fruit ideal if we follow a low-calorie diet. Clearly, we can eat medlar as a morning or afternoon snack, yet there is an alternative way to consume it.

Now that summer comes, there is nothing fresher than a smoothie. We put 4 medlars, 50 ml of milk and a teaspoon of honey in the blender. Put it in the fridge for an hour and enjoy all the flavor of the medlar, taking advantage of its beneficial properties.

However, we remind you that this article is for information only. Therefore, we invite you to consult your doctor, who will indicate what to eat and what to do for the protection of the colon and for lowering blood pressure.

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