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Research – Fight against prostate cancer: Chartres hospital takes part in a national study

The Chartres hospital center is one of fourteen French public and private bodies involved in a study called IRMPROFT, coordinated by the Parisian hospital La Pitié Salpêtrière.

This study is the only framework in which electroportation treatment of certain types of prostate cancer can currently be offered. This device allows the results of processing to be collected completely anonymously with a view to their future use.

Which patients can benefit from this innovative treatment?

Certain localized forms of prostate cancer can be treated at Chartres Hospital Center using electroportation.

What is this new device being used at COREL’s Chartres Hospital site to fight cancer?

“The indication is very strict. The diagnostic phase allows us to know if the patient is suitable or not, explains Dr. Luca Lunelli, urologist at Chartres Hospital. There must be an exact match between the MRI and the targeted biopsy. This technique allows the treatment of cancers of low to moderate aggressiveness and small size. »

What are the different phases in patient care?

Before each electroportation session, the patient follows a marked path. After an initial blood test, an MRI of the prostate and a targeted biopsy are performed within the facility.

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“The results of the assessment are discussed in a multidisciplinary consultation with urologists, oncologists, radiotherapists and geriatricians,” the surgeon specifies. The choice of electroportation treatment will be validated together.

What are the advantages of this technique?

Electroportation uses electrical current to penetrate diseased cells without releasing heat. This treatment makes it possible “to avoid or postpone more radical treatment such as total prostatectomy or radiotherapy, without using them later if necessary,” emphasizes doctor Luca Lunelli.

According to the urologist, this technique offers further advantages:

The treatment allows vital structures of the prostate to be preserved, such as the nerves and muscles involved in urinary continence and erection.

Where is the study that Chartres Hospital is participating in?

The clinical trial for the focal treatment of prostate cancer, called IRMPROFT, started in 2015. It has been expanded to 14 hospitals in France. Thirty patients have already been treated with electroportation, including six in Chartres.

“The Chartres hospital center has to enroll twenty patients by the end of the study in two years. We have already held three sessions. It is quite possible that we will exceed this goal,” says doctor Luca Lunelli.

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