The trick to knowing the geolocation of a contact on WhatsApp without them realizing it

The WhatsApp application is full of tricks and secrets that its users have yet to discover. The WhatsApp Messenger app allows you to send and receive voice and text messages and then share your location with your contacts. It has built-in end-to-end encryption to ensure the security and privacy of its users. Therefore, all messages and content shared in the application cannot fall into the wrong hands as they are encrypted. However, there is a trick to get the location of your contacts without them knowing.

Discover this trick to spot someone’s location without them knowing. With this link you can, for example, know where your child is located.

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You can share your geolocation in real time or for several hours on the WhatsApp application. It lets you know where you are and you can also show your friends that you are on your way to a meeting. There are two ways to submit your position on the application. To activate this function, simply go to one of your chats and press the + or the small pin depending on the model of your Android or iOS smartphone. WhatsApp offers you two options. Either real-time location sharing or broadcasting your current location. But if you want to know the location of your contacts without them knowing, you can use this trick.

– Find your contacts on WhatsApp without their knowledge thanks to this trick


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To find out the location of one of your contacts without their knowledge, you need to use WhatsApp Web because you cannot use this feature in the mobile application. If you don’t want to ask your contact for their current location, you can find them by their IP address in the online version of WhatsApp. This tip can also come in handy if you want to know where your child is in an emergency.

To do this, connect your WhatsApp account to the online version on your computer. Start WhatsApp and go to chat with the person you want to find. Close all windows and tabs running in the background on your laptop as they can interfere with the location process.

Start the task manager on your computer with the key combination CTRL + ALT + DEL and press the “Windows” key and the letter “R” at the same time. This will open the Run dialog box. Then type “cmd” in the text box and press “Enter”. This will launch the command prompt. Then type “netstat-an” in the first line and press the “Enter” key. You will see the IP address of the person you are chatting with. Copy it to a website that can find the address like or You can find the person’s location on the displayed map.


The WhatsApp Messenger application – Source: spm

You should also know that you can use this trick if you don’t want to ask for the location of one of your contacts or if you want to find your child, for example, who hasn’t heard from you for a few hours. However, it does not allow you to know your contact’s real-time location unless they share it with you. in the WhatsApp app.

If you lost your phone, this trick could also help you to find it back if it is connected to your WhatsApp account. You can locate its last position on the map using your IP address.

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