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Small hard fruits, with a slightly sweet, milky taste with hazelnut flavor.

Tiger nut is an amuse-bouche found at the stalls of some rare fruit vendors in the West African sub-region. It’s growing in popularity and is beginning to draw the attention of farmers, researchers, processors, and government agencies because many of its benefits make it a nutritional treasure.

Produced in many countries in Europe, the Middle East and West Africa (Burkina, Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali), the tigernut has long been neglected and even considered a wild herb, sometimes only grown for local consumption.

These tubers look like small, more or less round, slightly hard, brown or yellow fruits. They come from a perennial plant, which is also known as “pea”, “tiger nut” or in African languages ​​”tchongon” (Ivory Coast), “Efio” (mina/Togo), “ndir” (wolof/Senegal), “atadwe” ( Ghana).

They are eaten raw, boiled or even grilled as a delicacy. Some soak them in water before eating. They have a slightly sweet, milky taste with a nutty note.

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