“Apocalypse Z” in Carcassonne: do you dare to take part in a life-size immersion in the midst of zombies?

Apocalypse Z returns to Carcassonne on Saturday October 1st. Are you ready to survive a zombie attack by solving puzzles and completing missions on an unknown course in the dead of night? We will see.

“The future of the world will be in your hands. You must escape from the zombies (Z), solve temporal paradoxes and find a way to eradicate the epidemic. Let adrenaline, mutual aid and ingenuity come together to reach the goal without being contaminated!” When there aren’t any left, there are always some! The undead will sweep the city again in a few days. And to survive, uninfected people need to be extra vigilant and band together. As in 2018 for the first Carcassonne edition of Apocalypse Z, a life-size role-playing game in which the participants, divided into small teams, have to make their way through a zombie-infested urban universe.

The event can accommodate up to 600 participants.
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Medieval Edition

This event – supported by the Narbonne association The Kmeleon – is not their first attempt. In 2023 the event will celebrate its tenth anniversary. This year the medieval city will be visited for the third time, with some small changes. Because if everything went like clockwork in 2018, last year The Kmelon had to change its tune due to the health crisis. Given the uncertainty that the epidemic has caused for the actors of the event, the association’s volunteers had to look for another possibility of existence. And had found her by setting out to create a mini-series, part of which had been filmed in Carcassonne.

Apocalypse Z therefore returns on October 1st to its original formula: an RPG with dozens of zombies and hundreds of survivors. In fact, the event can accommodate up to 600 participants (limited places). “For Carcassonne we created a scenario based around the medieval universeexplains Gaëlle Girard, the director of the association, without revealing more. Through our site, attendees only need to select a meeting time. After the administrative procedures, they are released over an average distance of 4 to 6 km. It’s up to them to survive to the end…” To keep things exciting, the meeting point will be announced by email 24 hours before the day of the event.

There are roles for everyone

It is also possible to take part in the event by looking behind the scenes: join the organizing team, impersonate a character, help with the make-up or help with the logistics. On this site, the experience is free, but again, places are limited. “To give them a unique experience, we have a volunteer team of around 150 actors, including caregivers, “scientists”, receptionists. There really are roles for everyone. If anyone has a passion for makeup and wants to test zombie makeup, so join us! Amateurs and enthusiasts are welcome.adds Gaëlle Girard.

At a previous event

At a previous Apocalypse Z event hosted by The Kmeleon.

If the date of Carcassonne is not accessible to you for reasons of space, a new edition of Apocalypse Z is scheduled a few weeks later at our neighbors Haut-Garonne in Plaisance-du-Touch on October 29th.

“Apocalypse Z”, Saturday 1 October from 19:30 in Carcassonne. Forbidden for children under 16 years of age, identity check on the evening of the event. Meeting point announced 24 hours in advance by e-mail. Registration: www.apocalypse-z.com. Price: 38 euros.

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