O-RAN ALLIANCE announces 52 new specifications, 6th Open Software Release for RAN “F” and first O-RAN certificates

  • As of March 2022, 52 O-RAN specifications have been published

  • 6. Version of Open Software for RAN – “F” – developed by the O-RAN software community

  • First certificates awarded under the O-RAN certification and badge program by several Asian OTICs


As of March 2022, 52 O-RAN specifications have been published

The ORAN ALLIANCE has published a new set of 52 specifications for intelligent and open RAN as part of the first set of O-RAN Release 003 specifications. These specifications include 12 new titles including use cases for Massive MIMO and the R1 interface, E2 interface tests, O2dms interface, Acceleration Abstraction Layer, the HW outer macrocells as well as the security specifications of 3 different parts of the O-RAN architecture.

“The O-RAN ALLIANCE has always taken security very seriously. We recently established the Security Task Force within the 11the O-RAN Technical Working Group to encourage more intense specification efforts in the area of ​​security,” said Andre Fuetsch, President of the O-RAN ALLIANCE and Chief Technology Officer of AT&T. “Security professionals in the O-RAN ecosystem apply systematic threat analysis to various components of the O-RAN architecture. Security becomes an integral part of individual interface or functional specifications and there is a security test specification to ensure proper verification. The systematic and transparent security approach implemented by the O-RAN ecosystem follows best practices observed in other parts of the network to ensure the best performing and most secure solutions are offered. »

40 other technical documents have been updated with enhancements and new functionalities.

Please see our web announcement for more information on new and updated specifications. To access the O-RAN specifications, visit our website.

6e open software version for RAN – “F” – developed by the O-RAN software community

In June 2022, the O-RAN Software Community (OSC) released their 6th release after the mid-year release cyclee open software version, called “F”. Release F continues to improve support for traffic control and network slicing use cases, as well as alignment with the latest O-RAN specifications.

Key features of the F version include:

  • Regarding O-CLOUD, the O-CLOUD OSC platform has implemented O2 DMS and IMS as well as support for 3 types of resource pools (SIMPLEX, DUPLEX and DUPLEX+) according to the O-RAN O-CLOUD specification

  • In terms of intelligence, the F version made it possible to ensure:

    • An implementation of the A1 policy and A1 EI functions according to the O-RAN specifications

    • Initial support for the R1 interface, including introduction to data management

    • An update to the RIC Near-RT to support version 2.0 of the E2AP specification

    • An xApp framework for Python with REST-based interface support for E2 subscriptions

  • Regarding the radio protocol, new functionalities including intra-CPU transfer, idle mode paging and a new version of the HARQ structure

  • The Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) platform has added a management enhancement that supports Standard Defined Messages (StdDefine) on the O1/VES interface while extending the network slicing framework and O2 interface support

  • The tools and capabilities required to provide visibility into the O-RAN deployment topology for rApps and CNF deployments

“Congratulations to the whole team, which has made steady progress since its inception in 2019 with two releases per year,” said Chih-Lin I, co-chair of O-RAN Technical Steering Committee and scientific director of China Handy . “One of the strengths of the F version lies in the implementation of the O-CLOUD thanks to multiple resources, thus becoming the springboard for the xNF deployment of the Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) platform for version G.”

“Ericsson remains actively involved in the O-RAN ALLIANCE and the O-RAN software community,” said Per Beming, Vice President of Standards and Industry Initiatives, Ericsson. “We recognize the potential of an ecosystem of multi-vendor rApps that help service providers deploy, scale, optimize and automatically remediate RAN. We envision a world where simple multi-vendor rApps are used to build complex use cases and recognize the importance of the R1 interface in making that vision a reality. As a key contributor to the Non-Realtime RIC project in OSC F, Ericsson focused on the challenges of delivering services on the R1 interface as well as developing an approach to rApp lifecycle management. »

To evaluate the F version and get the open source software, visit the O-RAN Software Community website.

First certificates awarded under the O-RAN certification and badge program by several Asian OTICs

The first two O-RAN certificates have been awarded, confirming the establishment of the O-RAN certification and badge program.

The O-RAN ALLIANCE announced the launch of their certification and badge program in June 2022 in partnership with Open Test and Integration Centers (OTIC). The O-RAN Certification and Badge program is a global mechanism that ensures trust in O-RAN solutions within the industry.

O-RAN certificates indicate that a device or feature conforms to O-RAN specifications, while O-RAN badges confirm the interoperability or end-to-end functionality of an O-RAN solution.

The O-RAN ALLIANCE maintains the Catalog of O-RAN certificates and badges on his website.

The Asia-Pacific Open Test and Integration Center (OTIC) in China (PRC) issued the O-RAN Certificate of Conformance at the end of June 2022. The certification has been awarded to an O-RU that fully complies with the O-RAN WG4 Open Fronthaul (OFH) Technical Specifications, specifically with regard to the Control, User and Synchronization (CUS) plane and the Management (M) plane ). The whole process took place in two phases, namely a pre-test phase and an official verification phase, with all 31 test cases being verified and passed.

Another O-RAN RU certification test took place at Auray OTIC and Security Lab. During the Spring 2022 O-RAN Global PlugFest, OTIC performed an OFH compliance certification by performing the required testing after completing the process and procedure set out by the O-RAN ALLIANCE. Auray OTIC and Security Lab has also received TAF ISO/IEC 17025 authorization for O-RAN test specifications and follows ISO/IEC 17065 to add an independent peer review process.

Both certified RUs are ready for commercial deployment with Tier 1 carriers and other carriers.

Once approved by the O-RAN ALLIANCE, each OTIC provides a collaborative, open and unbiased working environment that ensures consistency and quality in testing O-RAN products and solutions.

All approved OTICs are fully prepared to support the O-RAN certification and badge program. Organizations wishing to apply for the O-RAN certification and badge program are encouraged to contact an OTIC based on their specialty or region. Visit our website to view all available OTICs.


The O-RAN ALLIANCE is a global community of over 340 mobile operators, vendors, academic and research organizations working in the Radio Access Network (RAN) industry. With RAN being an integral part of any cellular network, the mission of the O-RAN ALLIANCE is to transform the industry towards smarter, more open, virtualized and fully interoperable cellular networks. The new O-RAN specifications pave the way for a more competitive and dynamic RAN vendor ecosystem with accelerated innovation to improve user experience. At the same time, mobile networks based on O-RAN improve the efficiency of RAN deployments and the operations of mobile operators. To achieve this, the O-RAN ALLIANCE publishes new RAN specifications, releases open software for RAN and supports its members in integrating and testing their implementations.

Visit www.o-ran.org for more information.

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