LE CREUSOT: Les Gautherets students in total immersion at the IUT to appreciate science

In particular, they have been made aware of certain dangers that are not always perceived as such…

The students of the Physical Measurements of the IUT of Creusot and their teacher Frédéric Siutkowski welcomed 26 students from CM1 and CM2 of the Gautherets school of Saint-Vallier, accompanied by Mrs. Bouteloup (school teacher) and Mrs. Dugla (supervisor)
We start with the amphitheater (impressive place for 10-year-olds!) where Frédéric Siutkowski explains to the children how the afternoon will run.
They then follow the student leaders, divided into six workshops in the practical work rooms of the Physical Measurement Technology department.

On the program are renewable energies with solar panels, the hydrogen fuel cell, the steam turbine, the Stirling hot air engine, wind turbines…
Tests on molecular chemistry and always the surprise to see how the red cabbage juice changes color in the presence of vinegar, for example in the test tube with a transition from blue to pink.
Electromagnetism and invisible waves that can be harmful. Visualization is done using the iron filings dispersed by the magnetic field of the U magnet.
Then the dangers of our environment are implemented, “switching off the phones at night or putting them in flight mode is not bad for your health,” say the students after measurements with the little ones!
Then comes static electricity with friction! The students then moved objects at a distance thanks to the electric field, quite simply with a ruler rubbed into the wool acting on a small styrofoam ball.
They also visualized the plasma sphere (a large one) and used their fingers to guide the very luminous field lines in the sphere’s plasma.
Then thermodynamics is conjured up where the kids used ice cubes as a source of cold to make a propeller spin… things happen between cold and heat on a semiconductor, it’s the thermoelectric effect that creates electricity.
But we can turn it on its head and create a Peltier Effect fridge!
The optics are also addressed with the color of the sky and the phenomenon of diffusion that is recreated with them in the laboratory, then the rainbow and the decomposition of the light are born. We decompose the light and then put it back together (or we superimpose the colors) using Newton’s ring, which is made up of the colors of the light spectrum.
When we turn the ring we visualize the white light again, it’s a persistent white image that our eye sees!
Chemistry is on the program with color separation on paper and water is the eluent here. (chromatography technique)
This is how we make the lemon battery and the potato battery, both perforated with zinc and copper electrodes… it works in parallel in series and lights up the little lamps.
Challenges such as taking a coin without getting your fingers wet using the principle illustrated using a plate filled with water, a candle and a glass.
Inflate the balloon without blowing using sodium bicarbonate and vinegar, which when mixed in the balloon react to produce carbon dioxide.
The same effect is guaranteed to “eject” a cork.
The pupils, surrounded by the cheerful children, were able to pass on the essential scientific explanations.
Hats off to them!
No question, the little ones have found references at home and maybe a motivation for the future, who knows?
What is fascinating is that some students said they would be coming to IUT in a few years.
Then it’s set-up time, because the bus is waiting! “Oh yes!” you say!
Lots of excitement for her beautiful afternoon!
Because of this, the students, disciples and leaders were happy to share everything.
A very worthwhile concept for all and the department of physical measurements thanks the Gautherets school and Ms. Bouteloup for coming with very attentive and very curious middle courses.
This is the last student animation for this school year. It will have enabled us to emerge from these years of confinement and confinement with positive scientific messages with our heads held high.
Fsiutkowski would like to point out that the students really did these 24 experiments for 2 hours without getting bored, on the contrary…
“It’s very formative for our students,” he says, “if they just put polished language within reach of the little ones. In their future profession, they will have to adapt to different situations and to different target groups…
The good thing about school children is that they are interested in what is being offered and they ask very good questions! »

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