Many when they buy sunscreen do not pay attention to this essential fact to protect the skin in depth

The period of long sunny days and sunbathing on the beach or in the mountains is approaching. Having skin with an amber complexion has never gone out of style. Of course, there are some secrets that are always valid and that we should always keep in mind when sunbathing for an extended period. In fact, the skin is very delicate and solar radiation can also cause a lot of damage.

So, if we are taking medications, remember to consult your doctor before long sun exposure. Let’s avoid the times when the sun’s rays could be more harmful than beneficial, that is basically the one that goes from 12 to about 15. It will then seem obvious, but the first 2 or 3 days of intense sun exposure are essential. We use a sunscreen that has not expired (and in any case should not be used after a year of opening), and we choose the appropriate sunscreen for our phenotype.

Speaking of sunscreen, we must pay particular attention to the choice of our product. In fact, many when buying sunscreen do not consider a very relevant data, paying attention only to the protection scale. In particular, they do not pay much attention to the fact that both the UVA and UVB protection values ​​are indicated. Let’s see why this aspect is so central.

A double value to be carefully considered

Let’s start with the first value. The so-called SFP level stands for the sun protection function. Refers to protection from UVB rays that cause rashes and burns. This level, on an international scale, ranges from 0 to 50, even if, according to experts, one could not even speak of a real protection below level 8. The level of intensity that we will have to choose in the shielding against the rays UVB depends on the phototype, the previous tan and the tendency of the individual to get burned.

The UVA level, on the other hand, refers to radiations that have a different wavelength than UVB, and therefore are able to penetrate deeper into the skin. They can cause skin aging and wrinkles. Just as links with melanoma are being studied. For this reason, regardless of the so-called phototype (eyes, skin and light hair), it is important to have a protective cream also against the rays. So what is the ideal level of UVA protection?

Many when they buy sunscreen do not pay attention to this essential fact to protect the skin in depth

Well, the experts of the Veronesi Foundation tell us that adequate UVA protection should be at least one third of the level of sun protection. In short, better high than low.

Moreover, the pitfall of these rays is due to the fact that unlike UVB rays, they do not give the immediate sensation of a burn. We could stay for hours in the sun and not realize it, thus constituting an even greater threat to our body. With these tips we will be able to go with renewed tranquility to our seaside and mountain paradises. Among these, do not miss the beach that smells of juniper and helichrysum known to be the last hippie paradise.

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