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Prevention, screening… The Oscar Lamret Center in Lille campaigns against cancer in women

The COCON, the first micro-home for women with ovarian cancer, arrives at the Oscar Lambret Center in Lille (North) on June 22nd and 23rd, 2022. (©Oscar Lambret Center)

“A single creed: all informed, all obeyed”. So explains Professor Eric Félix Lartigau, Director General of the COL, Oscar Lambret Center in Lille (North), summarizes the Mobilization of the center against women’s cancer. in the 2022a wide awareness campaign is created by the establishment to act as best and as quickly as possible on the pathologies, so that as many women as possible can recover.

Gynecological aftercare, absolutely necessary

“Psychological stress, taboos, received ideas, waiting times, health crisis… There is always a good reason to forego gynecological follow-up care. However, it is essential! “recalls the DG of the LOC. There Cancer in women affects 75,000 women in France every yearand could be diagnosed earlier with regular monitoring and screening.

For the past four years, the LOC has been organizing a public awareness and information campaign on these cancers (the cervical, ovarian, endometrial and breast cancers most commonly diagnosed in women). The goal is twofold: “To provide information about these specific types of cancer and to sensitize the population to the importance of regular gynecological follow-up care by a medical specialist,” specifies Prof. Lartigau.

In a few numbers

– More than 75,000 women are diagnosed with female cancer each year in France;
– 4 out of 10 women do not have a mammogram;
– More than 3,000 treatments in Hauts-de-France in 2019;
– 9 out of 10 cancers can be cured if caught early;
– 100 to 300 deaths from breast cancer are avoided each year thanks to screening;
– 50% of women do not have Pap smears regularly.

Embody these women

In 2022, the campaign is based on posters showing these women. The idea is to “embody these women” who are taking the plunge and making time for themselves and their health. “I finally found time for myself”; “I finally agreed to a first date”; “I’ve finally decided to take care of myself”; “Finally I dared to show my breasts”; “Finally I went on the radio”: on the posters with these messages smiling women and the words “all informed, all followed”.

The goal is Remove the veil of taboos, that fear of walking through the doors of the center or consulting your doctorand to remind of the importance of follow-up care, which allows for early detection.

Here is one of the posters from the 2022 awareness campaign.
Here is one of the posters from the 2022 awareness campaign. (©Oscar Lambret Center)

A tiny house on tour in the region

As part of this major campaign, a highlight is planned at the LOC for next Wednesday, June 22nd and Thursday, June 23rd. It houses the COCON, the first micro house dedicated to women with ovarian cancer. It is one of the least known gynecologic cancers with more than 5,000 new cases each year.

This tour, which started in the regions in 2021, will therefore stop at the Hospital Center of Lille to meet women and their loved ones and raise awareness of this disease among the general public. Four thematic workshops on sexuality, physical activity, nutrition and the care path are provided. To register go to the website: Cancer Ovaire Conseils.

Videos: currently on Actu

Prevention, screening, support

This state-of-the-art LOC campaign can be summed up in three words: prevention, screening and support. Because the aftercare begins with the discussion with your treating doctor after cancer.

The Center’s teams try to encourage everyone to follow him. In this sense, for example, the PREVENDYN program, which is carried out with the MEL 25-year-old women from the Lille metropolitan area, far from supply routes, access to free gynecological follow-up care. It is also possible to fill out an online form or to call the center directly (03 20 29 59 76) to assess the risk of cancer depending on the situation, especially family history.

In addition to these devices, which make it possible to reach a wider audience, the LOC invests in a quick and comprehensive way of carewhose benefits have been recognized by science is supported by the medical team.

Because beyond the treatment, everything has its meaning in the treatment of the disease: The questions of the couple relationship, contraception or even fertility can be addressed within the LOC. This enables the 1,000 patients treated each year by the teams at the Gynecological Cancer Center to benefit from both a state-of-the-art technical platform and personalized support.

A place where you feel good

More than a hospital, the Oscar Lambret Center aims to be a place where patients feel comfortable. In this spirit, a new gym has recently been inaugurated for the patients of the center. Children and young people will not be harmed as the Pediatric Cancer Unit has been redesigned for greater convenience for all.

Targeted web series (recently “Sans tabou”, about the sexuality of young adults with cancer) are broadcast from the center to reach audiences in other ways. All to break taboos, encourage screening and give people with the disease every chance to overcome it.

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