The trick to typing a message without using the keyboard: your voice becomes text

WhatsApp is a mobile application that offers the possibility of staying in touch with our relatives and friends through an instant messaging system or through voice or video calls. To further facilitate exchanges with our contacts, it is possible to enter instant messages using only our voice. This feature is available on Android and iPhone phones. We tell you more in this article.

Want to send a message on WhatsApp but your hands are busy or you just don’t have enough time? No problem ! It is possible to enter messages easily using voice commands.

It is possible to send WhatsApp messages by voice command on iPhone and Android phones.


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  • Type messages on WhatsApp using voice commands on iPhone

In order to use this feature on iPhone phones, one must first turn on dictation. Go to settingsclick on Generaland then further Keyboard. On the resulting screen, tap activate dictation, and confirm your selection again.

After enabling dictation on iOS, open your WhatsApp app, select a chat and tap the message input field, then tap the microphone at the bottom of the keyboard. You can dictate your message only with voice.

  • Type messages on WhatsApp using voice commands on Android

On Android phones, you will find the microphone icon on your keyboard, not to be confused with the microphone used to send voice memos on the app. When you use dictation for the first time, you need to authorize access to your phone’s microphone. Then send your message in the same way as above.

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  • Type messages on WhatsApp with a single voice command

Here’s how you can easily send a WhatsApp message with a single voice command to use the Google voice assistant and say Ok Google. Send whatsapp to by stating the name of your contact person as entered in the directory. Then add the message you want to convey to him. Note that when dictating your message, it is important also contain punctuation marks, to ensure a coherent message is being sent. By the way, Google Assistant offers you to preview the message before sending it. You can then choose change or send. All you have to do is dictate the appropriate keyword to the voice assistant as needed.

If your microphone is not activated on your Android phone, go to Settings and select languages ​​and typing, thereafter Current keyboard and then select keyboards. All you have to do is activate Google voice input that you find in it voice output mode.

Besides WhatsApp, what are the other applications in which we can use voice commands?

In addition to sending instant messages on WhatsApp, you can use voice commands to send an SMS without typing it. To do this, go to the application posts, select your recipient and click on the input field as if you were writing a message. Then click on microphone icon which appears on the keyboard of your smartphone. Start dictating your message Don’t forget to include the punctuation marks as well. Note that you can also specify the formatting you want to give your message by giving instructions to the type’s voice assistant new paragraph, Where at the line. The dictation function can also be used in app reviews, especially to quickly transcribe a reflection, an idea or even a shopping list. The method is similar to sending a message.

To continue chatting with your family and friends on WhatsApp without having to type your messages every time, just use the dictation feature offered by Android phones but also iPhone.

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