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Capcom aired on August 9th Digital incident presented by the producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and the director Yoshitake Suzuki entirely devoted to enlargement sun break from Rise of the Monster Hunters, which presented what was new in the first major free update. It’s available now, adding new monsters, a new region, a new system and other novelties, all just for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (But changes and customizations are also available for the base game). We already knew some additions from this update that moves Monster Hunter Rise to the Version 11.0.1namely the wyvern Nargacuga selenitethe Bazelgeuse volcanothe Round forbidden, and the fact that there are also rare species and monster variants. From now on all novelties are known. The return of rare subspecies Rathian Golden and Rathalos Silver- was announced, and Capcom clarified that armor created from the materials of monsters added through this update will feature unique new abilities. There’s one too Further development of the quest system for anomaly researchof Dual Threat Huntfrom new DLC options for special armor, hairstyles, emotes, music (with Scarlet Feast – Malzeno: Piano Version DLC) and the NPC costumes, this time allowing you to take on the appearance of Lady Fiorayne (There’s even a DLC that does the voice of the heroine (voiced by Valerie Arem in English and Yui Ishikawa in Japanese, no matter what our character looks like). And Starting August 18th, we’ll be able to enjoy new event quests every week (provided you have reached master rank 10). We’ve gathered all the details about these new features in the rest of the article.

Nargacuga Selenite

Nargacuga with glossy fur that lives in misty lands. The Lunar Nargacuga lurks in the night mist and moonlight, unleashing unpredictable attacks. This wyvern’s incredible maneuverability, amazing agility and poisonous spikes make it very dangerous.

Bazelgeuse volcano

A variant of the Bazelgeuse with a body so hot it seems about to explode. The heat of its explosive scales and pale blue glow earn it its nickname “Volcano”. Its scales emanate a fleeting power so fiery it can scorch the earth.

Silver Rathalos

A rare species of Rathalos covered in silvery scales. Nicknamed the Silver Fire Wyvern or Silver Sun, this majestic wyvern is feared for its powerful breath and fearsome talons. When she enters an incandescent state, her attacks become even more intense.

Golden Rathians

A rare Rathian species covered in golden scales. Nicknamed the “Golden Fire Wyvern” or “Golden Moon,” this majestic wyvern is feared for its hard scales and powerful tail. When she enters an incandescent state, her attacks become even more intense.

Tower forbidden

A huge structure piercing the sky. Its pillars and decorations indicate that this monument is very old. It is a majestic and secluded place where you can see meteor showers at night. But it’s also a dangerous cave populated by rare monsters.

Anomaly research quests

Anomaly Research Quests are quests that require you to face “infested monsters” that have become enraged by the influence of the Malzeno-controlled Qurio. There are two types of anomaly research quests: Anomaly Quests and Anomaly Investigations, accessible from the Anomaly Research Quests menu.

Anomaly Quests

The goal of Anomaly Quests is to kill an affected monster. Only monsters hunted during master rank quests will show up as affected monsters. Complete these quests to get exclusive rewards.

anomaly investigations

These are quests in which conditions such as goal, region, number of players are determined randomly. Complete these quests to get points (for the Anomaly Research Lab) and special materials (for new weapon and armor upgrades).

Anomaly Research Laboratory

A research center founded by Bahari to study the Qurio and its effects on monsters. You can accept the “Anomaly Investigation” quests that will allow you to push the research even further. Anomaly Studies provide special rewards that can be exchanged for items used in Qurieux crafting.

anomaly search level

Completing anomaly research will earn you anomaly research points. If you have enough points, the Anomaly Search level will increase. As you level up, the level cap for Anomaly Investigations also increases, allowing you to take on more difficult quests and get better rewards or unlock Anomaly-related content.


By activating upgrades for master rank weapons and armor that have reached their maximum level, you unlock the Qurieux crafting. Crafting Qurieux requires materials obtained during Anomaly Investigations, but you can add new upgrades to your gear. You can customize your weapon stats like attack power and affinity, and randomize your armor function as many times as you like!


Schedule for future updates

The fall update brings rare monsters, monster subspecies, and upgraded monsters. There is no information about the updates planned for 2023, but special monsters and improved monsters will be added for this winter.

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