L'intérieur de la boutique O'Smoke à Dijon Darcy

The new Eco – The Dijon Store “O’Smoke” is full steam ahead to help you quit smoking

You can try to use International Tobacco Day to quit smoking, but quitting suddenly scares you. One of the alternatives to quit smoking is undoubtedly the electronic cigarette, which is considered much less harmful because it does not burn. For almost nine years this has been the specialty of the O’Smoke store offering the sale of electronic cigarettes, accessories and nicotine products. Interview with his manager, Mathias Lageneste.

Mathias Lageneste, manager of the O’Smoke store in Dijon Darcy © Radio France
Christopher Tourne

Organizing a tobacco-free day like this Tuesday 31 May brings you new customers?

Secure. As long as we talk about the tobacco-free day, there will inevitably be customers who wonder if they want to quit smoking. But the steadily rising price of tobacco is also encouraging many people to quit smoking. Especially now with inflation.

In general, the electronic cigarette still works or has the enthusiasm dropped a little?

Today we are in an absolutely stable industry. We no longer rely on a fashion effect like we used to. We are no longer out for curiosity or discovery if we wanted to see what the electronic cigarette was. Today everyone knows or has someone who owns an electronic cigarette. The market is therefore today an absolutely stable sector with a growth of about 10% per year.

Your O’Smoke store has been installed near Place Darcy in Dijon for nine years, it’s great longevity. What do you attribute it to?

This is a question customers should be asked. After that I think we are already well known in Dijon. We try to offer the best electronic cigarette that suits each person according to their needs. Let it go!

There are about fifteen e-cigarette shops in the metropolis of Dijon. Does that mean the market still matters today?

Yes, as I said, the market is indeed stable today. As long as there are people who smoke, electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation will always be behind it.

O'Smoke also has a retailer to stock up on refills after hours.
O’Smoke also has a retailer to stock up on refills after hours.
O’Smoke Dijon

What is O’Smoke’s turnover today?

So, of course, like everyone else, we suffered from the Covid crisis. We are a small business with an annual turnover of around €150,000. And as I said later, it’s always progressing.

What profile do your customers have? Is it mainly ex-smokers who want to quit, or are they curious?

People know the electronic cigarette differently than before or they have asked themselves questions. They wanted to try. Nowadays most people really want to quit smoking and in this case they come to our stores for advice, to look for information and to know exactly which model of electronic cigarette suits their needs.

So is it a passing clientele, the time to quit smoking altogether, or people who are finally sticking with the e-cigarette?

There is absolutely everything. We will also have people motivated to quit smoking who will use the tool, the electronic cigarette, to quit for a few months. After that, there are people who don’t necessarily want to quit smoking. So they suddenly switch to electronic cigarettes and stay with electronic cigarettes but stop smoking traditional tobacco. And then afterwards we have a few people, but you can count that on one hand, they just come because they want to make a lot of steam, the side is a bit playful, but it’s really very, very small.

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