“My body hasn’t stopped burning for four months.” Shocking testimony in Borgosesia: life in hell after the second dose

“For four months I have felt my body burn.” “I had to do it, despite various health problems. Today I feel abandoned by the state, without diagnosis and without treatment “

Shock testimony: life in hell after the vaccine

From a 46-year-old woman living in Sostegno, an administrative officer in a school in Borgosesia, we receive and publish.

«Dear Director, Monday 9 May, leafing through the News today I came across an interesting article published on the Romagnano page, and this gave me the courage to write a letter which I hope will be worthy of your attention.

My name is Alessandra and I am an administrative assistant of the school. And after four months from the second injection of the anti-Covid vaccine, which has literally changed and devastated my life, I finally find the strength and above all the opportunity to make my story public.

On December 6, the State gives me only 9 days to comply with the vaccination obligation (of which I am afraid, because I am a polyallergic subject who ended up in hospital several times for serious reactions to drugs, and despite the fact that I have already recovered from Covid, developing a natural immune defense), or give up work and take away the right to eat from my two children.

Malaise at the first dose

In the end, I lean towards the children and decide to ignore my fears by showing up at the vaccination hub on day 15.

Immediately after the inoculation I feel sparkling, I have a vagal crisis, the pressure collapses and I pour cold sweat from all the pores, I feel so bad that I feel dying, they make me lie down on a stretcher and hide me with two screens, not lending me any assistance sanitary. Two hours later I find the strength to go home, I have several days of discomfort and a throbbing pain in my head, then everything passes.

The second dose

And on January 14, no longer afraid of anaphylactic shock, I present myself serene to the second appointment with destiny.

Having learned of my vagal crisis, they make me lie down before vaccinating me and keep me under observation for half an hour. Twenty-five minutes later I feel a strong pressure in my chest, like a weight that then becomes burning. They immediately give me an antihistamine shot and send me home with a recommendation to go to the emergency room if I don’t feel better.

Two days go by, the burning has never stopped and now it has spread throughout my body, I can’t stand it anymore, it seems that they have sprinkled me with petrol and set me on fire, I feel like a human torch.

The burning doesn’t go away

I go to the emergency room, they immediately treat me with two infusions of cortisone and an antihistamine, and even if the burning remains they discharge me with the diagnosis of systemic allergic reaction from the anti-Covid vaccine.

Four months have passed and I continue to burn incessantly, as if I had burned myself with hot oil. I burn night and day, 24 hours a day. Sometimes it’s really hard but I have two children, I can’t give up. I take strength and courage with my teeth and go forward.

A life of hell

I have sudden, stabbing pains, muscle spasms, sometimes I even lose the use of my legs, from one eye, when I turn it to the left, I see two bright streaks like lightning. I often have tinnitus. I have no strength left, I am always weak, I take two steps and it seems that I have climbed Everest. I have pressure changes and sudden tachycardia especially at rest.

There is no cure

I turned specialists on specialists, swallowed all sorts of drugs, I spent all the money I had and also the money I didn’t have but I still don’t have a diagnosis and above all I don’t have a cure. For the state I don’t exist, neither for medical and scientific literature, and no one is investing in research.

My voice represents a multitude of injured people that no one talks about, we are invisible, mocked, treated as imaginary patients, abandoned to the frustration of our condition.

Please give us back our dignity as sick people, do not ignore us, spread our stories, sensitize public opinion, doctors, the State: we EXIST. We are not mere numbers to be displayed on the leaflet, we are sick and we need treatment. After the pain, your indifference is our greatest suffering ».

Alessandra Riggio


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