Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Rainbow Six… Ubisoft intends to make its franchises popular in pop culture

These three licenses will be available across all media and screens to reach large audiences and generate $3 billion in revenue by 2027.

By announcing the strengthening of China’s Tencent in its capital on Tuesday, without the latter having any say in its governance, Ubisoft ended speculation about a possible takeover by a third party. The French video game publisher, which has experienced commercial setbacks and an image crisis following harassment since 2020, now intends to calm down its long-term industrial strategy. What, perhaps, to raise a market valuation well below that of American competitors EA, Take-Two or Activision.

The video game will not be spared the challenges of inflation, hybrid work, and increased competition. But our industry will continue to reach new heights and will soon surpass other entertainment media in terms of impact and engagement.‘ declared its CEO Yves Guillemot during a press conference. “I am convinced that Ubisoft has all the makings of being a big player.»

Benefit from three strong brands

Among them the publisher’s extensive catalog of licenses, three of which will attract particular attention: Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Rainbow Six. Ubisoft wants these brands to generate combined annual sales of $3 billion by 2027, three times more than today. And to achieve thisWe want to make them iconic media franchises and a major player in pop culture“, emphasizes Sandrine Caloiaro, director of the portfolio.

In addition to premium games for gamers, Ubisoft aims to reach a wider audience with TV series, movies, and more accessible games. Projects with Netflix are in production, including three mobile games reserved for its subscribers. The three licenses are also provided”on all screens, with a strong focus on mobile», continues Yves Guillemot.

This last point partly explains Tencent’s interest in the French group. Chinese developed for Activision Call of Duty Cell Phone, a great commercial success. Will he also work on Ubisoft mobile games? The editor does not wish to comment on this point.

Five new Assassin’s Creed games

The group illustrated this strategy on Saturday during its Ubisoft Forward conference. He revealed no fewer than five games from the Assassin’s Creed console and PC license (Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Red, Witch), one of which is multiplayer (Invictus) and also for mobile phones (assassin’s creed jade, what will happen… in China). He also lifted a corner of the veil of Assassin’s Creed Infinity, a still mysterious online platform that will bring together all the games of the saga, past and future. Finally, in addition to a series, the saga will also have its mobile game on Netflix.

If Ubisoft wants to push three brands, it has no intention of cramming its dozens of other licenses into one box. The group has one of the most diverse creative catalogs on the market. A benefit for its Ubisoft + subscription service, which will soon be available on consoles and will be open to games from other studios. This makes it an alternative to Microsoft’s Game Pass and Sony’s PlayStation Plus.

The door remains open to a buyer

We also have a unique ability in the industry to create new brands. Several technologies under development rely on new technologies such as cloud, voxel, augmented and virtual reality‘ reveals Yves Guillemot. The group also points to their tools as an advantage, such as the Anvil and Snowdrop game engines. “As the industry refocuses on the Unity and Unreal engines, our proprietary technology will be a powerful competitive advantage and source of creative freedom.In the same spirit, Ubisoft is working on Scalar, a production tool based on cloud computing.

The French group also points to its 60,000 developers spread across dozens of studios around the world. The latter were concerned by speculation that Ubisoft would be a preferred choice for either Sony or Amazon at a time of consolidation in the video game industry. Clarifying the partnership with Tencent, which will protect the group from any hostile operation for eight years,”gives our employees a long-term perspective», emphasizes Yves Guillemot. However, the group would like to point out that Ubisoft is not closing the door on acquisition proposals that are being considered by its board of directors.

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