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THEn menopause there are many i physical and psychological changes that you have to learn to manage to have one good quality of life. Not only hot flashes, vaginal dryness, decreased desire sexual and pain during penetration. They can appear articolar pains never had before, headache, constipation. Yet, often what is most disturbing is theweight gain despite all the precautions, starting from a correct eating style combined with regular physical activity. If faced with a good gynecologist and the simultaneous help of other specialists such as the nutritionist, the physiotherapist and a personal trainer, these changes can be kept under control. But not everyone knows that also the deficiency of some vitamins, in particular Dcan rfurther loosen the metabolism and promote the accumulation of fat.

Because in menopause you gain weight

«The weight gain due to menopause, despite the attention to a correct eating style and regular physical activity, remains a recurring problem for women over 50. With theAs we age, we generally burn fewer calories, therefore, the calculations that were made when you were 20 or 30 no longer apply to women 50 and older. There menopauseamong other things, it involves hormonal changes that cause a reduced metabolism “, explains the Professor Gian Marco Giorgetti, Director of the UOSD Transmurale Clinical Nutrition ASL Roma 2 Sant’Eugenio Hospital.

Vitamin D: what to know about the ally of the immune system (and not only)


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Less calories and more physical activity in menopause

A healthy lifestyle is certainly important, but we must do pay attention to calorie intakethat it can no longer be the previous one. «The ideal for women approaching menopause would be consult a professional who ‘re-calculates’ and evaluate what the person’s food diary is, also taking into account any physical activity practiced. In this way we can avoid weight gain which usually derives from an excess of calories ingested higher than the daily requirement », advises the expert.

Do Vitamins and Supplements Make You Fat?

“This is a risk that I feel I can exclude, but of course it cannot be generalized and the individual case must always be evaluated. In principle with the current diet we all take a consistent amount of vitamins and trace elements. If on one hand there may be shortcomings which is worth checking and in the case of filling, on the other hand, it is not even worth exceeding because we must always take into consideration the daily absorption capacity of the organism », Giorgetti explains.

Low Vitamin D and Overweight in Menopause

“As regards the women aged 50 and overspecial attention should be paid to the vitamin Dwhich is already low with age, favoring problems such as osteoporosis and osteopenia. Very often it has been seen that patients in overweight tend to have low Vitamin D levelsbecause it remains deposited in the adipose panel, so for them it is even more important to resort to integration », recommends the expert.

“Vitamin D is an ally that should never be forgotten, not only through integration into the diet but also through adequate exposure to sunlight, which certainly is not lacking in summer”, explain the experts of the Meritene Medical Board, the Nestlé Health Science brand that deals with nutrition for the well-being of adults.

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Can the over 50s who suffer from hypertension use vitamins and minerals?

The abuse of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins must be avoided, but in general the intake of vitamins or minerals does not determine the increase in pressure, there is no correlation. Even trace elements, minerals, are able to be adequately absorbed by the digestive system. However, we must avoid adding salt because, as we know, salt can certainly cause the pressure to rise. It is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to the condiments we use ”, explains Professor Giorgetti.


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