LoL: A rioter denies a rumor about Bel’Veth

While the announcement of the new champion has only just been formalized, a rioter has had to step in to clarify certain points related to previous ones made by the studio. Riot Games often talks about fan feedback, but also announces some projects that go unrealized for years. It therefore happens that statements are misinterpreted and confuse fans. In this case, the publisher of League of Legends intervened to clarify certain points.

Another monstrous champion is coming

A common reflection at Riot Games on the creation of new champions is that monstrous champions are being dwindled in favor of other archetypes. While we’ve seen them regularly throughout the early seasons of League of Legends, a legacy of DotA’s influence, monsters have become increasingly rare. Part of the community complained about this and hoped for the arrival of new monsters in Summoner’s Rift. Earlier this year, members of the development studio confirmed that a monstrous champion was indeed on their roadmap and that they had started work on it. With Bel’Veth’s revelation, fans made a connection between her and this future champion based on the appearance of the Void Empress.

Reav3 answers a Reddit user’s question here. He clarifies that while Bel’Veth has a monstrous appearance, she is not the champion announced earlier this year. While acknowledging that she is closer to a monster than a human, the developer reveals that her original design was much more humanoid. He himself isn’t quite sure whether to classify them as monstrous people or as simple monsters. However, he admits that the new champion’s final design partly reflects a desire to create more characters in the genre. The bad news concerns the release date of the future monster. Due to the studio’s new strategy of actually tweaking new champions before they are officially released, most of the internally planned release dates have been postponed. The figure teased at the beginning of the year should therefore not arrive before 2023.

When the Rioters are having fun

The teaser didn’t reveal much about the champion’s spells, and members of the development studio benefit from it, especially August. After determining that the community is not ready for: “the centuries of game design experience that went into this character” Referring to previous statements*, the Rioter took the liberty of revealing his trollish vision of the Void Empress kit.

*(In a previous interview, August said that the members of the development studio together have almost 200 years of experience in creating champions. The community doesn’t hesitate to remind him when an issue arises with a new character.)

The tweet speaks for itself. According to August, Bel’Veth has too many passives to list and his A removes Viego (another much criticized and very buggy champion). His W would allow him to read the player’s mind, find the game mechanics they hate and cast them on them. Her E would be a passive spell preventing her from being banished during character select. As for the R, August stops to “keep up the suspense”. The finesse of this statement is probably debatable, but at least the caricature is obvious.

esport lol

Yesterday, G2 crushed T1 at the opening of the MSI Rumble Stage. As League of Legends fans, we noticed one small detail: the first choice of LCK champions. Faker actually chose to go on a Twisted Fate and with all due respect we find that very questionable…

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